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Wrapping up the year with Postgraduate Learning Design

By Shaun Bell,

Find out what the learning designers in Postgraduate have been working on this year.

FEITClubStudio conversations: the student experience

By Beata Francis,

We explore how FEIT students have experienced the Summer Studios, and the impacts on learning, skills and work readiness.

Rethinking teaching for human-centred learning at the 2022 Learning and Teaching Forum

By Jenny Wallace,

Catch up on all of the highlights from this year's Learning and Teaching Forum, including recordings of the morning and afternoon sessions.

2022 UTS Learning and Teaching Awards and Citations

By Kat Shaw,

The full list of UTS Learning & Teaching Award winners – congratulations to you all!

Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference: Day 2

By Chris Girdler,

Student voices, animal perspectives, identity in Law and storytelling as dance were all part of the second day of this inspirational conference.

Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference: Day 1

By Lucy Blakemore,

Explore themes on cultural safety, challenging systems and re-engaging communities from Day 1 of the Indigenous HE Curriculum Conference.

What to expect at the 2022 UTS Learning and Teaching Forum

By Chris Girdler,

A quick-read guide to help you plan for the big end-of-year event for our learning and teaching community.

What’s your students’ relationship with academic integrity?

By Ruby Seaward,

Share your insights by participating in research conducted by an independent partner.

What can academics learn from UTS Startups Confessions?

By Lucy Blakemore,

Apply an entrepreneural mindset to your research and teaching practice with these UTS Startups Confessions highlights.

Is EdTech incompatible with sustainability?

By David Yeats,

Exploring the complex reality of EdTech and sustainability.

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