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Announcing our 2023 Australian Awards for University Teaching citation recipients

By Kat Shaw,

We celebrate the achievements of our UTS colleagues who were recognised for their teaching excellence.

Academic integrity at UTS: a new Canvas tutorial and quiz for students

By Lx Team,

A new Canvas site guides your students to create something original, credit others and collaborate with care.

Can social engineering help students stay connected?

By James Wakefield,

Simone Faulkner and James Wakefield share how designing 'connection' into induction sessions has positive impacts on belonging in Business.

Get the Power(BI) with the new subject dashboard

By Kathy Egea,

Understand your students and plan for your subjects with a new-look data-driven dashboard.

Career-enhancing collaboration: inspiration for a fairer future

By Lucy Blakemore,

Ashley Willcox and Elham Hafiz share impressions and takeaways from some inclusion-focussed career development training.

Taking a fresh look at technology-enabled learning design

By Shaun Bell,

A team of learning designers and subject matter experts tackle digital solutions for the subject 'Practicing Inclusion'.

What’s new in the world of WIL at UTS?

By Dimity Wehr,

Mark 29 July in your calendars for the WIL Symposium and join one of the monthly PEPN meet-ups.

Open, sustainable lesson plans to lift the spirits

By Christina Brauer,

Christina Brauer shows how resources can be sustainable in multiple ways with this 'recycled' collection of lesson plans.

Don’t just say it, show it with a video

By Andrew Francois,

Demonstration or explainer videos help show students what you mean and play a valuable role in blended learning.

Keeping the beat: notes from a learning design jazz orchestra ensemble

By Andrew Stapleton,

Join Soli Le-Masurier and Andrew Stapleton on a musically-inspired journey to re-design a jazzy duet of subjects!

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