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Authentic and inclusive learning for Indigenous health students

By Rhiannon Hall,

An award-winning approach in the Faculty of Health that's changing the game for Indigenous diabetes students.

Using GenAI for personalised and synchronous study plans

By Jeremy Lindeck,

AI-generated study plans can be individualised to reflect different student learning styles.

Sensory rich adventures in anatomy

By Lee Wallace,

The winner of the Individual Teaching Award explains how engaging multiple senses can improve student learning and retention.

“This subject is dry and boring”: revitalising Allied Health research for future clinicians

By Peter Stubbs,

Peter Stubbs reflects on student feedback, and how to better connect 'dry and boring' research subjects with clinical practice.

AcaWriter in action

By Shaun Bell,

What difference could instant feedback on draft writing make to your students? We investigate an automated feedback tool with a learning design lens.

Elevating Indigenous perspectives on Science for a sustainable future

By Yvonne Davila,

Yvonne Davila and Chris Matthews on how students develop respectful communication and engagement with Indigenous communities in Science.

Breaking disciplinary barriers to future-proof forensic professionals

By Scott Chadwick,

Scott Chadwick shares how a team from the Centre for Forensic Science re-designed learning to focus on future forensic careers.

Grant opportunity: 2024 OER Collective Textbook Program

By Rhiannon Hall,

An opportunity to embark on your own open textbook journey, with the OER Collective Open Textbooks Grant Program.

Behind the scenes of the Talking Teachers podcast

By Chris Girdler,

Jane Hunter and Don Carter share tips on planning and producing a podcast for a learning and teaching audience.

Open Education: an endless remix to spark sustainable ideas

By Christina Brauer,

OERs give us a glimpse of the possibilities when we can share, remix, and re-imagine learning resources in infinite ways.

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