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Lessons learned during COVID-19: stories from Atieh Fallahi and Donna Rooney

By Mais Fatayer,

A new series of blogs stemming from a recent learning design meet-up focuses on challenges and approaches faced by academics this year.


How can I… build relationships with and between students in Canvas?

By LX Team,

#1 Create a personal welcome video Welcoming students to a subject using video messages can be a powerful way to establish teacher presence and to help students learn about the expertise of their teaching team. In fully online subjects, welcome videos are even more vital for creating student engagement...

Futures blog

Remote oral presentations: bringing the OSCE online

By Leslie McInnes,

In the second part of our wrap-up of the remote oral presentations webinars, we shift the focus to OSCE: Objective structured clinical examination.

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Save time and create connection – take the video feedback challenge!

By Martin van de Weyer,

Take a plunge into the hows and whys of video feedback with Martin van de Weyer.

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Learner to learner interaction online

By Alexander White,

Social interaction is a key component of learning – so how can we do this online?

Futures blog

What do you do when the student cohort of your online class more than quadruples in size?

By Matisse Strong,

Find out how Mary Coupland and the Postgraduate Learning Design Team developed the Arguments, Evidence and Intuition elective online.

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“It was some ride” – an Autumn session like no other

By Lucy Arthur,

Three months ago, UTS was put on pause and pivoted to remote teaching. Lucy Arthur takes stock of the changes, challenges and successes.

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How the LX.lab Online can help you

By LX Team,

With the rapid changes and move to remote teaching, we have adjusted the LX.lab support services to better assist you.

Futures blog

4 principles for online accessibility

By Sylvia Singh,

Some important aspects of online accessibility to pay attention to when creating subject sites.

Futures blog

Two months in – the pivot to remote tutorials

By Katherine Newton,

Katherine Newton reflects on helping students with the loss of face-to-face learning and ensuring collaboration and connection in an online environment.

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