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Creating stronger virtual communities in our subjects

By Ece Kaya,

Ece Kaya discusses the strategies she used for engaging students in online subjects.

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3 shifts in our delivery model (and how to communicate them to students)

By Kimberley Duncan,

Changes in our delivery model accelerated by emergency remote teaching still represent the core values and benefits of blended learning at UTS.

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The best of learning and teaching on our expansive campus

By David Yeats,

UTS is more than just a campus. Explore how the challenges of recent times have highlighted our values, and invigorated our learning and teaching.

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Designing for online teacher presence

By Shaun Bell,

Donna Rooney and the PGLD team transition a blended program to fully online – without sacrificing teacher presence.

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Bad behaviour online? Here’s what to do

By David Yeats,

Don't panic if there's someone disrupting your online teaching – follow these steps to ensure a respectful environment for all.

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Simulation-based, online learning for speech pathology students

By Kevin Millingham,

Master of Speech Pathology students are immersed in an online SIM experience over five days – read the latest from the PGLD team.

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The new Library online experience has arrived!

By Daniel Hamilton,

What's new in the UTS Library digital experience?

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Viva Voce! A guide to online oral exams at UTS

By Richard Ingold,

Oral assessment allows students to demonstrate their ability to reflect, analyse and communicate complex ideas – follow our guide for delivering oral exams online.

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Lessons learned during COVID-19: stories from Atieh Fallahi and Donna Rooney

By Mais Fatayer,

A new series of blogs stemming from a recent learning design meet-up focuses on challenges and approaches faced by academics this year.

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Remote oral presentations: bringing the OSCE online

By Leslie McInnes,

In the second part of our wrap-up of the remote oral presentations webinars, we shift the focus to OSCE: Objective structured clinical examination.

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