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How to make your subject more accessible

By Intan Endah-Bonsu,

At UTS we pride ourselves in setting a high standard for inclusivity so that students are provided with the best access to education as possible. In this post, I will go through how you can use the in-built features of Canvas to easily make your subject content more accessible...

Futures blog

How do you make your online discussions more engaging?

By Ann Wilson,

Discussions are a great way of sharing understanding and building and constructing knowledge. We often use discussions in face to face classes, and think little of opening the floor to comments and opinions. We might do this a few times in a face to face class. But how does...

Futures blog will soon become LinkedIn Learning

By Jemima McDonald, has been used across the campus by academics and professional staff for over four years now. It has become an indispensable tool for many, supporting the learning.futures strategy as well as the training needs of all staff.

Futures blog

Upgrade your teaching: live stream your class with Zoom

By Alex Belli,

Have you ever wanted to try something a little different with the way you run lectures, tutorials or consultation sessions? Find out how you can create your own 'classroom away from the classroom' with Zoom.

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5 Questions with Christine Giles

By Wenes Gunawan,

A quick chat with the Program Head of the Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice.

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Rethinking the postgraduate learning experience: a case study from Law

By Allison Glavin,

How an academic in Law and learning designer from our PGFutures team transformed their PG course and ultimately the students' experiences.

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Online video conferencing is about to Zoom in

By Conrad Frankland,

Zoom will soon be available for all teaching staff at UTS.

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Readings re-booted

By Futures Team,

‘Prepping for class’ may not sound like fun, but for staff and students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, it has become a hilarious success.

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