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The UTS Student Hackathon: developing soft skills

By Philippa Scott,

For this year's hackathon, students focused on the theme of developing soft skills, or alternately, core skills. Read about the winning proposal.

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The student perspective on Microsoft Teams

By Phaedra Carroll,

Students tell us what they love about Microsoft Teams, and the solutions they've found for some of the challenges.

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Learning technology guides for students

By Elizabeth Smith,

We’ve rounded up all the student guides for UTS learning technologies here in one spot.

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More carrot, less stick: changing the conversation about academic integrity

By Maryanne Dever,

At a recent working group, students were clear about wanting UTS to be open in talking to them about cheating and plagiarism. Maryanne Dever looks at the steps forward to increase engagement on this topic at UTS and beyond.

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Making internships engaging for students: a case study in ‘lean forward’ learning

By Simon Jaeger,

With UTS's ambitious goal of every student completing an internship or internship-like experience, engaging students can be challenging. Having recently returned from presenting at a video experience conference in New Orleans, UTS Careers’ Simon Jaeger talks about his creative use of ‘lean forward’ tactics to get important messages to...

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How do I get my students to do the reading?

By Ann Wilson,

A few strategies that can make a difference for you and your students

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Connecting with your students

By Adam Morgan,

That ‘Getting to Know You’ survey just keeps on delivering. It’s now worked for Jackie Jones, who shares her insights with us.

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Getting to know your students

By Adam Morgan,

My ‘Getting to Know You’ survey didn’t just work for me. It also worked for Dr Sumati Ahuja, who shares her insights with us.

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Students not reading their emails? Try connecting via social media

By Amanda White,

Is anyone out there? Try using social media to communicate with students.

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English language development and moral responsibility

By Shirley Alexander,

Ahead of the upcoming Town Hall, 'Improving students' English language capability', Shirley Alexander (DVC Education and Students) looks at the challenges we face in ensuring all students have a level of English language to help them thrive at uni.

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