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All the LX.lab support you need for Autumn

By LX Team,

Any plans for the weekend? Now you can connect with the LX.lab outside of the working week in the lead-up to Autumn session.

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Group work in the spotlight

By Franziska Trede,

What are we trying to achieve with group work? And what makes for a meaningful group work experience?

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Tooltime taster: Select the right tool with the Padagogy Wheel

By Ann Wilson,

Which tool or app should you use for what purpose? Let this wheel of fortune steer you in the right direction.

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Tooltime is back!

By Aafreen Thanawalla,

Our Tooltime events showcase new tools, concepts and ideas for your classes – our 2020 series kicks off with a focus on Zoom breakout rooms!

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What’s new in the Coronavirus Toolkit for Teaching?

By LX Team,

To keep up with changes that the challenge of responding to COVID-19 brings, we are updating this toolkit regularly – here are some of the key updates for you to be aware of.

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Highlight Reel: Zooming in on our second Video Meet-up

By Matthew Vella,

UTS’ new video-focused community of practice video returned in 2020 with an exciting second event on February 6th. This community aims to encourage the use of DIY video in the classroom by providing support and introducing new ideas. The follow-up to our successful first event contained a technological demonstration,...

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From understanding millennials to what to do if noone attends your lecture

By Allison Glavin,

Alex Belli and Amanda White on what to expect at the upcoming UTS Teaching & Learning Forum.

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Consent Matters training: Reviewed

By Catharine Pruscino,

We’re currently attempting to do something that no other Australian university has done: roll out educational consent training to all 50,000+ members of our community.

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All your assessment questions answered! Assessment month at the LX.lab starts soon…

By Futures Team,

Join us for Assessment month throughout July at the LX.lab, where we’ll demystify marking, online quizzes and more! Take a look at some of our events and book in for a workshop.

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Data, technology and light: what’s on at Vivid this year

By Rhiannon Hall,

It's time for Vivid once again, and there's a packed program of events to choose from. Take a look at this selection to start planning your schedule...

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