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Make Mentimeter your ‘entry ticket’

By Beate Mueller,

Start your class in a relaxed and engaging way with Mentimeter – Beate Mueller shows us how.

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Improving your home video set-up

By Matthew Vella,

Matt Vella give us his tips on getting the best video and audio quality, plus how to edit and share your videos.

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Making the most of Mentimeter

By Michaela Zappia,

Michaela Zappia talks us through how Mentimeter has been used in her class.

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#LockdownChallenge: DIY remote teaching inventions

By Sally Creagh,

How to record hands-on activities at home, using your own smartphone or webcam!

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Accessibility updates and reminders for remote learning

By LX Team,

As we move back into remote teaching due to lockdown, here's a reminder of how to make your subject accessible for students.

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How to get help with remote teaching

By LX Team,

The LX.lab are here to help you prepare for remote teaching with digital workshops, online resources and bookable consultations.

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Autumn 2021: a new Learning and Teaching toolkit for UTS academics

By Chris Girdler,

Discover the most useful blogs, resources and event pages for planning and delivering classes in Autumn with our latest one-stop-shop toolkit.

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Viva Voce! A guide to online oral exams at UTS

By Richard Ingold,

Oral assessment allows students to demonstrate their ability to reflect, analyse and communicate complex ideas – follow our guide for delivering oral exams online.

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Building connection and belonging in the tutorial classroom

By Katherine Newton,

How do you create a sense of belonging for students? Katherine Newton offers tips for building connection into remote and on-campus classes.

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Authentic, practical alternatives to face-to-face presentations

By Dimity Wehr,

Five academics share how they made remote oral assessments work in their subjects.

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