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Autumn 2021: a new Learning and Teaching toolkit for UTS academics

By Christopher Girdler,

Discover the most useful blogs, resources and event pages for planning and delivering classes in Autumn with our latest one-stop-shop toolkit.

Futures blog

Viva Voce! A guide to online oral exams at UTS

By Richard Ingold,

Oral assessment allows students to demonstrate their ability to reflect, analyse and communicate complex ideas – follow our guide for delivering oral exams online.

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Building connection and belonging in the tutorial classroom

By Katherine Newton,

How do you create a sense of belonging for students? Katherine Newton offers tips for building connection into remote and on-campus classes.

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Authentic, practical alternatives to face-to-face presentations

By Dimity Wehr,

Five academics share how they made remote oral assessments work in their subjects.

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Workshop recap: exploring mixed-mode delivery

By David Yeats,

Mixed-mode classes cater for students both remote and on campus – we explored how this might work in practice at a recent workshop.

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The importance of teacher presence in delivering the best student experience

By Shirley Alexander,

Shirley Alexander shares some student feedback and offers tips on keeping connected despite the challenges of remote teaching and physical distancing.

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Bounce back into Spring – 6 weeks of support to prepare you for the next session

By LX Team,

Join us for six weeks of online resources and events that tie directly to student experiences of remote learning during Autumn session.

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What do you do when the student cohort of your online class more than quadruples in size?

By Matisse Strong,

Find out how Mary Coupland and the Postgraduate Learning Design Team developed the Arguments, Evidence and Intuition elective online.

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Help your students settle into Canvas with a welcome announcement

By Phaedra Carroll,

One easy way to introduce your students to Canvas, while creating a sense of community and belonging at the same time.

Futures blog

Moving practicals online: tales from the trenches

By Ann Wilson,

In a recent webinar, two science teachers shared their experiences of moving practical labs online.

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