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10 different perspectives on accessibility

By Rhiannon Hall,

Looking for ways to make sure your subject is accessible to students with a disability? These stories and resources from UTS staff will point you in the right direction.

WATCH: Inclusive practice belongs at UTS

By Amy Grady,

Whether it's a student, a coworker or yourself, there is most likely someone in your life who has accessibility requirements. Meet some of the UTS Access Ambassadors as they explain the importance of inclusive and accessible group work.

Living accessed: Patrisha Domingo

By Patrisha Domingo,

From reading timetables and finding building to knowing where to find the subject outline and good food - navigating the university environment is a challenge. The task is even greater for students with illnesses and disabilities, who require different access needs in an environment was not traditionally created with...

Living accessed: navigating university with a disability

By Patrisha Domingo,

What's it like going to uni when you're living with a disability? Our new series shines a light on the lived experiences of students who are doing just that.

Building accessibility into authentic assessments

By Venetia Vecellio,

Authentic assessments are a new way for students to showcase and grow their skills, but how does accessibility fit into the picture?

My path to PhD, and disability in the university

By Annmaree Watharow,

Navigating the PhD pathway and finding accessibility along the way...

Watch: thank you UTS for making higher education accessible

By Futures Team,

Sarah Houbolt of UTS Equity and Diversity takes an opportunity to thank the many different members of the UTS community who have contributed to making UTS a more accessible place.

Reflections on access from the UTS Law Students’ Society: Accessibility In Legal Workplaces Panel

By Patrisha Domingo,

When diversity in our future workplaces is envisioned, environments inclusive of disability and different access requirements often get pushed behind for diversity in areas such as age, gender and race. Despite disability intersecting with every community, when spaces such as workplaces aren't made physically and socially accessible, they exclude...

Don’t make assumptions, ask questions: understanding accessibility requirements

By Venetia Vecellio,

How do we ensure the way we speak about accessibility requirements is beneficial? Making assumptions can be really problematic...

Tips from the UTS Accessibility Resource Guide: Digital Environments

By Futures Team,

Assembled by the Equity and Diversity Unit, the UTS Accessibility Resource Guide contains a wealth of helpful information and advice for ensuring that we create an accessible learning and teaching environment for everyone. Here's an excerpt that's relevant whether you're a staff member or a student - accessibility in...

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