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Piece it together: ‘jigsaw’ learning to support scientific and sustainable thinking

By Yvonne Davila,

Vanessa Crump and Yvonne Davila share how the jigsaw technique unlocks sustainability and critical thinking in a core science subject.

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Tips from Tooltime: brainstorm and ideate with Zoom Whiteboard

By Sharleen Heng,

A few handy tips from our interactive session on Zoom Whiteboard, plus how to join us at the next Tooltime.

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Finding the best tools for accessible online collaboration

By Elham Hafiz,

Ensure all of your students can participate in online collaboration with this handy overview of some common platforms.

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Developing students’ feedback literacy via peer feedback in FEIT Studios

By Amara Atif,

Amara Atif outlines a useful approach for students to develop a broader understanding of effective feedback.

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From consultation to collaboration: situating co-design in practice

By Bridget Malcolm,

Bridget Malcolm and Lindsay Asquith (DAB) look at how we can situate co-design among the many types of design in practice.

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Get in the Loop with a new group-work tool

By Alexander White,

Collaborate at breakneck speed within an MS Teams chat with the new Loop component.

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Promoting collaboration, interaction and engagement in the Architecture Design Studio

By Jessica Freeman,

Jessica Freeman implements three simple strategies that support students to feel safe and confident to engage in class.

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What does co-design really mean?

By Lucy Blakemore,

Designer and design educator KA McKercher explored how we think about 'co-design' in a recent Learning Design Meet-up.

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Moving on up: experiences and advice from 3 learning design graduates

By Anna Stack,

Anisha, Jess and Alanna tell us what insights they are taking to their current workplace and offer advice for future learning design graduates.

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5 reasons to use Microsoft Whiteboard for collaboration

By Phillip Tang,

Microsoft Whiteboard provides a digital space to visualise, share and brainstorm as part of a collaborative class.

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