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Cloud over: do you need to download your Zoom recordings from CloudStor?

By Emma Jenkins,

CloudStor is being decommissioned this December – how does this impact your Zoom recordings?

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What attendance looks like for online classes

By Lin Wei,

Lin Wei offers some helpful tips for keeping students engaged in online learning environments.

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Tips from Tooltime: brainstorm and ideate with Zoom Whiteboard

By Sharleen Heng,

A few handy tips from our interactive session on Zoom Whiteboard, plus how to join us at the next Tooltime.

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New to Zoom: automated captions, live transcripts and recorded meetings storage

By LX Team,

Use text alternatives to audio and learn about a change to how you store your recorded classes with these new updates in Zoom.

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Zoom in Canvas is getting an upgrade – here’s what you need to know

By Phaedra Carroll,

New academic and student 'views' allow you to easily find your Zoom links and filter your Zoom sessions.

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Community, not compliance: how can I encourage ‘Camera On’?

By Lucy Blakemore,

Staring at a sea of empty squares online? Explore some ways to re-think the rules on cameras with your class community.

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Bad behaviour online? Here’s what to do

By David Yeats,

Don't panic if there's someone disrupting your online teaching – follow these steps to ensure a respectful environment for all.

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Get your classroom in order with AVS

By LX Team,

Looking for a Zoom-enabled room on campus? You can now choose the best room for your needs via a virtual reality tour!

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Need a quiet space to run your Zoom class? We can help

By Phil Betts,

Escape your shared space or messy bedroom, and book in a new quiet room on campus for your Zoom sessions.

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Fast-track your Zoom link to students

By Anna Stack,

Make sure your students know when and where to Zoom.

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