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Do I really need to Zoom? 5 questions to ask yourself before teaching with Zoom

By Anna Stack,

Let’s just do what normally happens in class through Zoom, right? Well, not quite. There are a few things you should ask yourself first.

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Get up to speed with Zoom

By Philip Betts,

Answers to queries about using Zoom as a temporary alternative for on-campus classes in the event of remote teaching.

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Are you Zoom ready?

By LX Team,

Zoom video conferencing is a helpful teaching tool if students or staff are off campus - read our basic guide to this UTS video conferencing platform.

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Dynamic Online Learning: The Zoom Classroom

By Alison McEwen,

Discover how a new Master of Genetic Counselling program was delivered primarily in an online environment by using Zoom as a face-to-face, online classroom.

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Don’t zone out, Zoom in!

By Shegufa Zahedi,

The LX.lab's Tooltime is back, and this month we've been talking about the endlessly useful Zoom. Read on to find out how Zoom can make things easier for you.

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Upgrade your teaching: live stream your class with Zoom

By Alex Belli,

Have you ever wanted to try something a little different with the way you run lectures, tutorials or consultation sessions? Find out how you can create your own 'classroom away from the classroom' with Zoom.

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Online video conferencing is about to Zoom in

By Conrad Frankland,

Zoom will soon be available for all teaching staff at UTS.

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Connect with your students using Zoom

By Wenes Gunawan,

It is official – UTS now is in the process of introducing a web-based conferencing tool (Zoom), available for learning and teaching purposes.

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