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Knowing you, knowing your students: strategies to facilitate learning

By Georgina Barratt-See,

Letting go of ego, learning new things and not being a perfectionist can make you a more effective mentor.

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First BASE: supporting new students at UTS

By Vaishali Raja,

BASE is for Belonging, Agency, Support, Engagement – find out more about this student-led program for those new to UTS.

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The mighty pen! Encouraging student voices in writing

By Rebecca Matteson,

Rebecca Matteson and Jenny Wallace explore how to help learners find their writing voice, before we reach for the red pen!

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Student engagement with ChatGPT: where to next for AI?

By Simon Buckingham Shum,

Simon Buckingham Shum summaries our journey with AI at UTS and how student engagement can assist in our next steps.

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Flipped power dynamics: addressing disruptive behaviours with student agency

By Jarnae Leslie,

Jarnae Leslie passes on some tips for supporting student agency to alleviate disruptive behaviour in the classroom.

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Talking about Teaching and Learning (TATAL): dealing with disruptive students

By Alisa Percy,

A new series of workshops kicks off with a focus on 3 disruptive behaviour types and looks ahead to managing the post-pandemic classroom.

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The digital curtain: why things will feel weird for a while

By Marty van de Weyer,

How to avoid assumptions about student engagement in the virtual classroom.

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The Faculty of Health and IML lift the lid on student engagement

By Wenes Gunawan,

In the second in a series of workshops, the LX.lab and the Faculty of Health share ideas for increasing student engagement.

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My students aren’t reading their feedback

By Marty van de Weyer,

Negative past experiences, lack of control and uncertainty about how to improve on future work may be impacting on your students' feedback experience.

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Make Mentimeter your ‘entry ticket’

By Beate Mueller,

Start your class in a relaxed and engaging way with Mentimeter – Beate Mueller shows us how.

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