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Zoom in Canvas is getting an upgrade – here’s what you need to know

By Phaedra Carroll,

New academic and student 'views' allow you to easily find your Zoom links and filter your Zoom sessions.

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“When was that happening again?” – communicating weekly expectations clearly to students in Canvas

By Anna Stack,

Help students stay on top of their week-to-week tasks with regular announcements, a clear subject schedule and module overviews.

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Academics demonstrate: the Canvas Accessibility Checker

By Katie Duncan,

Associate Professor Emma Power demonstrates how she uses the Canvas Accessibility Checker to improve content in her subject.

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What to do and when in Canvas during Spring session

By Olivia Rajit,

A primer for some of the more common tasks you can do, and when, in Canvas.

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6 steps to prepare for your Spring 2021 Canvas launch

By LX Team,

Need to make sure that your Canvas content is ready to go for students? Follow these steps for a smooth launch of your subject in Spring 2021.

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Make video assessment clearer for students with downloadable instructions

By Elizabeth Smith,

These easy to use instructions will help your students complete their video assessment smoothly.

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Using the Canvas ’Message students who’ function for personalised feedback

By Amara Atif,

How to easily communicate regular and personalised feedback to students.

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Build or reinvigorate your subject with Canvas templates

By Natasha Sutevski,

Starting from scratch is never easy. Take a shortcut with our collection of Canvas templates or get tips to enhance your existing Canvas course.

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The best of learning and teaching on our expansive campus

By David Yeats,

UTS is more than just a campus. Explore how the challenges of recent times have highlighted our values, and invigorated our learning and teaching.

Futures blog

Beautiful and accessible equations in Canvas

By Phillip Mills,

Are you using equations in your Canvas subject? Find out how LaTeX and MathJax can help create a formula for success.

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