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Supporting mental wellbeing for students and staff

By Katie Duncan,

We catch up with Arif Ongu to discuss the new mental health strategy for UTS.

Academics demonstrate: the Canvas Accessibility Checker

By Katie Duncan,

Associate Professor Emma Power demonstrates how she uses the Canvas Accessibility Checker to improve content in her subject.

Students Explain Digital Accessibility

By Katie Duncan,

A new video series features five UTS students drawing on their lived experiences of disability to explain the importance of making your subject accessible.

(un)baffle blogs: tips for writing your blog

By Katie Duncan,

Just in case you missed our latest Tooltime session at the LX.lab – here are some quick blog writing tips.

Group-scaping: cultivating good team dynamics for group assignments

By Katie Duncan,

What if there was a way to help students cultivate good team dynamics for group assignments? Enter IML’s Adam Morgan and Dr Jurgen Shulte.

From ethical hacking studios to interviewing Leigh Sales: learning done differently at UTS

By Katie Duncan,

Everyday our academics are creating engaging experiences for our students, that are done in a very UTS-kind-of-way. Here are 5 examples of what’s happening around UTS.

How to make videos more engaging: a chat with Professor Barbara Oakley

By Katie Duncan,

Following on from her recent workshop at the LX.lab, we talked to Professor Barbara Oakley about her research-informed strategies for effective videos in higher education, and how educators can make their videos more engaging.

On students as partners: Justine Lawson and Scott McKeon

By Katie Duncan,

How are students being engaged in the Faculty of Engineering? Justine Lawson, Manager of Teaching & Learning Design, and tutor Scott McKeon take us through the extremely popular Summer Studios.

Scratch me happy: active learning classroom techniques

By Katie Duncan,

What does active learning actually look and feel like for students in the classroom?

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