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The inclusion and drawbacks of GenAI in assessment design: shared ideas from DAB and IML

By Cameron Hart,

Case studies from DAB and support strategies from IML were presented at a workshop exploring the application of AI in assessments.

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Drop-in: We’re here to help redesign assignments!

By LX Team,

Preparing your assessments for Spring 2023? Let us help you review your current assessment at one of our drop-in times.

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Generative AI: what does it mean for WIL assessments?

By Franziska Trede,

How can the AI disruption influence more authentic WIL assessments? And what is ChatGPT's suggestion for an AI-proof assessment task?

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4 UTS case studies of Generative AI in assessments

By Phillip Tang,

Anna Lidfors Lindqvist, Samuel Yu, Evana Wright and Mike Rennie discuss how AI has reshaped their assessments.

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Freedom to learn: de-grading formal assessment

By Katherina Petrou,

Why do we grade, and what happens when we don't? Katherina Petrou shares what she and her students learned by 'de-grading'

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OMG it’s ChatGPT: how you could adapt your assessments

By Ann Wilson,

Getting to know ChatGPT? Here are some ideas and inspiration to help you re-think your assessments with AI in mind.

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Faculty of Health: Future of Assessment Showcase

By Sylvia Singh,

A recap of presentations from the Faculty of Heath's Assessment showcase.

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Enrol now for Feedback and Assessment

By Alisa Percy,

Explore, review and potentially redesign the feedback and assessment strategy in a subject of your choosing.

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Find student marks fast with filters in Canvas Gradebook

By Phillip Tang,

Narrow down large cohorts to specific students and their marks with one simple switch.

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The Architecture Crit: communication challenges 

By Emily Edwards,

Part 2 of the Architecture Crit series summarises four communication challenges that students can face when performing a crit.

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