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Improve your online presence on Zoom and Teams

By Ana Badan Fernandes,

Video conference platforms are a constant in our daily lives – but how effectively are we using body language and staying present?

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6 steps to prepare for your Spring 2021 Canvas launch

By LX Team,

Need to make sure that your Canvas content is ready to go for students? Follow these steps for a smooth launch of your subject in Spring 2021.

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Build connections and confidence: Teaching for learning.futures

By Ann Wilson,

Designed for UTS academics, this program helps you develop the knowledge and capability to teach subjects aligned with learning.futures

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Fast-track your Zoom link to students

By Anna Stack,

Make sure your students know when and where to Zoom.

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Forecast the future: designing a learning sequence for student prediction

By James Tracy,

We wrap up our postgraduate focus this year with a practical application of the POE learning sequence – where leaners predict, observe and explain.

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Teaming up online

By LX Team,

An approach to teaching online that emphasises and encourages peer networking.

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Teaching online? Get mobile – there’s an app for that

By David Yeats,

Did you know that Canvas has apps for teachers and students? Here's how you can get started with them for online teaching.

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How to be social and present in the online classroom

By Alexander White,

Alex White links teacher presence back to Social Presence Theory and uncovers recent examples of being present during remote teaching.

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The importance of teacher presence in delivering the best student experience

By Shirley Alexander,

Shirley Alexander shares some student feedback and offers tips on keeping connected despite the challenges of remote teaching and physical distancing.

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Tooltime recap: exploring Course Presentation in H5P

By Kathryn Ayrton,

Catch up on our recent Tooltime which explored Course Presentation, an interactive content layout tool in H5P.

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