The next UTS Teaching for learning.futures program begins on 23 June. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s what you need to know!

Designed for teaching at UTS

This is a program designed for UTS academics and professional staff, to help you develop the knowledge, capability and confidence to teach subjects aligned with learning.futures, our university-wide approach to blended learning.

Perhaps you’ve been teaching your subject online for a while, and you know it could be better but you’re not sure how to go about it? Or you’re new to teaching at UTS, and looking for some help to understand and apply learning.futures principles to your subject?

Maybe you just can’t seem to get around to making those changes which would take your student engagement to the next level, and you need some extra motivation to get there. Teaching for learning.futures is a great place to start, and you won’t be learning alone.

Experience how UTS students learn

This introductory program aims to equip you with the ability to reflect on how your students approach learning using multiple perspectives: yourself, colleagues, and the learning and teaching literature as well as socio-cultural-economic and educational perspectives. You’ll consider the factors that impact on your students’ approach to learning and discover how the UTS approach might encourage active and engaged learning.

As you explore differences between deep and surface approaches to learning, you’ll be encouraged to reflect on the approaches you’d like your students to take. You’ll also be experiencing remote learning for yourself, using many of the tools available to you in delivering your courses.

Build your UTS teaching support network

The program showcases innovation and highlights diversity at UTS by drawing on the expertise of academics and the experience of students from multiple disciplines and faculties. As well as encouraging innovative and active teaching, we want to help you build connections with other academics within and across disciplines, and create the foundations and opportunities for future collaboration.  

What does the program cover?

During the course of the program, participants will:

  • Learn how to enhance student learning through the design and teaching of subjects, with a particular focus on blended learning;
  • Experience and explore the potential of online learning environments, including how to build student engagement;
  • Use Canvas to gain an authentic ‘look and feel’ of a UTS subject;
  • Interact with a range of key tools and technologies that build engagement, which you can adapt to your own context.

Each week includes active participation in Zoom workshops which focus on:

  • Introduction to teaching for learning.futures (23 June)
  • Designing for learning.futures (30 June)
  • Feedback, marking and assessment (7 July)
  • Reflective practice and next steps (14 July)

The program concludes with two supporting webinars to assist you to develop your practice across the core areas of teaching, designing, assessing and evaluating to enhance learning and the student experience. All participants receive a Certificate of Completion after finishing the program.

Teaching for learning.futures – sign up!

Are you ready to re-think your assumptions about learning and teaching, collaborate and learn with colleagues from different disciplines and strengthen your skill set to support your academic career? Sign up for Teaching for learning.futures – we’ll see you there!

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