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The Learning and Teaching Forum: a student perspective of feedback

By LX Team,

Student presenters Aiza Khan and Devashree Veerappan tell us their experience at the Learning and Teaching Forum.

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Fabulous feedback: a day at the 2021 Learning and Teaching Forum

By Lucy Blakemore,

This year's Learning and Teaching Forum focused on creating opportunities, supporting learning and enhancing the student experience through feedback.

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Feeding back on feedback – a report for cultural change

By Martin van de Weyer,

Based on a report that uncovers the learner experience of feedback, we ask reflective questions that can be considered in your own feedback practice.

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Students don’t see feedback as feedback

By Martin van de Weyer,

You may think you're giving ample feedback – so why do student survey answers on the quality and quantity of feedback not rank higher?

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Learning & Teaching Forum preview: student feedback literacy

By Ann Wilson,

In the lead-up to the Learning and Teaching Forum, Ann Wilson and Marty van de Weyer summarise feedback literacy for students.

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Loop in your students – the Festival of Feedback is coming!

By Alexander White,

Donut fear feedback! Discover a donut-themed three-day festival that has been designed to build feedback literacy for students.

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From the FFYE Forum: Doing Feedback – making it count

By Kathryn Egea,

A packed FFYE Forum considered some big ideas in feedback and assessment, with students and staff sharing experience and practice.

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Supporting feedback strategies in learning design

By Ariane Wicks,

Five strategies from last month's Learning Design Meet-up explore different ways to create a feedback-rich learning environment.

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Feedback and Assessment: Hot Topic 3 from TACT is here!

By Alisa Percy,

Join TACT for the third Hot Topic in our 2021 series and explore how we can re-frame our approaches to feedback for learning.

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Using the Canvas ’Message students who’ function for personalised feedback

By Amara Atif,

How to easily communicate regular and personalised feedback to students.

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