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Digital Literacy made easy with the Library’s Tinker Kits

By Alycia Bailey,

Feeling the pressure to develop digital and data literacy skills in your students? UTS Library can help with our Tinker Kits.

Scratch me happy: active learning classroom techniques

By Katie Duncan,

What does active learning actually look and feel like for students in the classroom?

First Year Experience Forum recap: September 2018

By Amanda White,

Check out these fantastic tools and activities to support learning in large classes.

Why can’t we be friends? PowerPoint and active learning

By Lucy Arthur,

The classic PowerPoint presentation - bullet point-riddled slides clicked through almost as if to distract you from actually listening to a lecture - is the hallmark of a style of teaching that treats students as passive receivers of information. There’s an argument for ditching that slideshow altogether. But Powerpoint...

Weave digital storytelling into your teaching with Dr Mauricio Marrone and Dr Murray Taylor

By Rhiannon Hall,

Learn more about this versatile approach to engaging your students and helping them to remember important information.

Changing our conference habits

By Elaine Huber,

How many conferences will you attend this year? How will you present? Some thoughts on integrating good teaching practice into conference presenting.

#UTSTLF17 snapshot: using debates as a learning and teaching tool

By Harriet Scott,

If you missed this presentation at the UTS Teaching and Learning Forum, catch up here!

Summer is coming to a lecture theatre near you

By Elaine Huber,

UTS is increasing the number of subjects that are available for student enrolment over the summer session. Most subjects will be delivered in the standard, blended format over the 12 week session but some subjects will be delivered in a block mode...

Take a walk around your neighbourhood…

By Elizabeth Humphrys,

Lessons in radical economic pedagogy. This post was co-authored by Elizabeth Humphrys and Keith Heggart.

Labs of the future: using simulations to stimulate students’ curiosity

By Elaine Huber,

Imagine if 300 students were able to complete a laboratory practical where they handle chemicals, take measurements, plot results, interact with high-end equipment - without ever entering a laboratory...

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