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Don’t just say it, show it with a video

By Andrew Francois,

Demonstration or explainer videos help show students what you mean and play a valuable role in blended learning.

Mentimote: your remote control for Mentimeter

By Andrew Francois,

Be liberated from your lectern with a new Mentimeter function that allows you to control your presentation from any corner of the room.

Make your video in the LX.lab Media Space

By Andrew Francois,

Purposeful approaches and production techniques for video can help improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

Watch Party: a way to boost student engagement of your video lectures

By Andrew Francois,

Orchestrate an active learning experience with students using your own pre-recorded lecture presentation.

Learning about group work

By Andrew Francois,

It is a shared responsibility for both teachers and learners to make group work effective. Group work skills should not be assumed and need to be taught if students are to be work ready. Being an effective team member and collaborator is an important professional and personal attribute.

Taming online information overload

By Andrew Francois,

This is a guide through my experiences in bookmark and online information management. I have captured, sorted and archived material with a variety of tools over the years. Some of these tools might also be useful to you in your quest for infotopia.

SPARKPLUS: Your Self and Peer Assessment Resource Kit

By Andrew Francois,

How can you use SPARKPLUS to ensure fairness and equity in group work? Find out more with this recap from this year’s LX.lab Technology Showcase.

The new LX.lab: your ideas wanted!

By Andrew Francois,

The new Learner Experience Lab (LX.lab) is positioned in a highly visible location along one of the busiest thoroughfares at UTS. It is a chance for academic and support staff to claim a piece of this innovative high profile space for staff focussed events and initiatives. Workshop, showcase, demonstration and display...

Group work enhances the student experience

By Andrew Francois,

Often maligned by students, group work has been perceived as a lazy approach to teaching, a cheap alternative to individual instruction. This is far from the truth.

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