The new Learner Experience Lab (LX.lab) is positioned in a highly visible location along one of the busiest thoroughfares at UTS. It is a chance for academic and support staff to claim a piece of this innovative high profile space for staff focussed events and initiatives. Workshop, showcase, demonstration and display ideas in the context of teaching and the student learning experience are welcome.

There are opportunities for all UTS staff to share something. Contact to discuss your proposal for the LX.lab no matter how big or small.

Artist impression of the LX.lab in action
The LX.lab will continue to be a hub of innovative academic activity

Consider showcasing great examples of student work or something from your own innovative teaching and research output. It might be just for the month of November, or it may turn into an ongoing activity to enhance a faculty initiative or support a community of practice. Perhaps, you have a great idea in progress that you want to test with your UTS colleagues? Let us know!

Previous activities that have been popular have included a 360degree video demo, a demonstration of how 3D printing can be applied to learning contexts and a playtime with digital literacy tinker kits from the UTS library.

One small activity in the LX.lab is Tooltime. This is 30 minutes of inspiration open to all UTS staff to demo a gadget, tool, app, workflow, technique or approach. You are welcome to share anything that might engage learners, streamline teaching or simply save time. Submit your idea for a Tooltime session here!

The LX.lab is not all about new ‘tech’ though, it is also about inspired approaches. It is about ideas that enhance student learning and experience. It is a co-creative and collaborative space for the great things you do in learning and teaching. The LX.lab will also continue to be about supporting academics practically by providing help with the tools they already use like UTSOnline, REVIEW, Turnitin, SPARKplus and more.

Contact to discuss your proposal to activate the new LX.lab.

Learner Experience Lab location

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