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Whole of Course: What subject coordinators need to know

By LX Transformation,

The 'whole of course approach' is a key part of the LX Transformation. But what does it mean, and how does it affect you as a subject coordinator?

Apply for a Postgraduate Strategic Funding Grant

By Peter Scott,

Interested in developing a microcredential? Postgraduate Strategic Funding Grants, valued at up to $15,000 are now open. Learn more or attend an info session.

A library deconstructed: The changing face of the UTS library

By Michael Gonzalez,

Ahead of the UTS Library's move to UTS Central, Head Librarian, Michael Gonzelez, talks about the changing role of our new-look library. Plus five ways UTS staff can benefit from its many services.

Future forms of learning explainer: Know your ‘stackable’ from your ‘microcredential’

By Allison Glavin,

What's the difference between a 'microcredential', a 'taster' and a 'stackable degree'? Peter Scott explains and outlines how these offerings can benefit both academics and future learners.

Tips for applying for a teaching award

By Allison Glavin,

Thinking about applying for a teaching award? Or know a colleague who you think is eligible? Shirley Alexander, Jan McLean and Jo McKenzie share some tips for preparing your application.

Making connections at CanvasCon: top five insights

By Chris Girdler,

Fresh perspectives on shared challenges provide insight at the annual ed-tech event

Last weeks for the Student Experience Survey

By Martin Hanlon,

Make sure to let your students know the Student Experience Survey closes at the end of August...

Have a look at the refreshed LXT site

By LX Transformation,

Find out how to get up-to-date information on the LX Transformation project.

Universal Design for Learning: what’s behind the practice?

By David Yeats,

Diversity of how students learn and the ‘creation of possible futures’.

How do I get my students to do the reading?

By Ann Wilson,

A few strategies that can make a difference for you and your students

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