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Feeling fresky? Watch this recap of the student-led Climate Fresk workshop

By David Yeats,

Watch the video recap of UTS's first student-led Climate Fresk workshop as part of the 'Students Talk Sustainability' series.

Book review: Tangible Equity by Colin Seale

By Ellie Nik,

Ellie Nik reviews Colin Seale's 'Tangible Equity: A Guide for Leveraging Student Identity, Culture, and Power to Unlock Excellence In and Beyond the Classroom'.

Map your feedforward for guidance and student agency

By Marty van de Weyer,

Map out feedforward flows and connections as a document to assist both those giving feedback and their students.

Meet UTS student leaders from Sustainability Alliance of Students and Staff

By David Yeats,

Meet Nodoka and Peter – two students who are leading an upcoming event on embedding sustainability into your subjects.

What do the UN SDGs mean for UTS?

By Alexandra Fransen,

What is UTS doing about the Sustainable Development Goals and how can we better connect the SDGs to teaching and learning at UTS?

Meet student sustainability leaders from the UTS Business Society

By David Yeats,

Meet Issac and Jayan – two students who are leading an upcoming event on climate action and industry.

Making study at UTS work for your students: tips from the teacher

By Keith Heggart,

Keith Heggart on some of the simple things students can do to boost marks and get more from their studies.

Robots and games at the UTS Tech Festival

By LX Team,

Read about the student work on display at the UTS Tech Festival's showcase events.

3 ways to snack on LX Digest without ordering the full banquet

By Lucy Blakemore,

Welcome to the LX Digest! Learn more about how to make the most of the delicious treats coming your way every Thursday.

Super-charge your learning with Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching

By LX Team,

New to teaching, or still finding your feet? Join a free MOOC that's designed for you, by content experts from universities around Australia.

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