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The post-COVID classroom: what’s under the iceberg?

By Alisa Percy,

In this TATAL workshop, a systems thinking approach is used to consider how the post-COVID classroom could shape up.

L.A. Confidential: can we make better use of learning analytics?

By Keith Heggart,

It would be a crime not to use data more effectively for a better student experience.

Step into the future at the UTS Tech Festival

By LX Team,

Choose from student showcases, events to enable equity in IT for women and non-binary people, and Animal Logic Academy screenings.

Embedding the Indigenous Graduate Attribute: International Studies

By Alice Loda,

Alice Loda shares her experience embedding IGA into the Bachelor of International Studies.

Identities and languages on the move: an autoethnographic account of migration

By Ellie Nik,

Ellie Nik on migrating to Australia, and the impact of this experience on her identity.

Bright lights: 3 local experiences at Vivid Sydney 2023

By Chris Girdler,

Discover design-led encounters with urban diversity and innovations to clean up our oceans at these sustainability-focused, UTS-affiliated events.

Sudan and beyond: when conflict collides with student experience

By Elham Hafiz,

UTS graduate Elham Hafiz shares the impact of a distant conflict, and how to support students and colleagues closer to home.

Access metadata with Document Details in Turnitin

By LX Team,

A new Document Details feature has been added to the Turnitin Similarity report.

Spread the word: Vertigo wants to hear from UTS students

By LX Team,

Vertigo Magazine is a home for student voices at UTS – help them have their say on how their media can best support them.

Take the TEQSA Masterclass – a course for contract cheating detection and deterrence

By Gemma O'Donoghue,

Get a deeper understanding of academic misconduct policies and procedures with this online short course.

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