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Watch: Genre switching and Zoom set-ups from the 9th UTS video meet-up

By Matthew Vella,

At the end of August, our 9th meet-up took place – here are the recordings and a quick recap for anyone who missed out.

What makes a video ideal for reusing and sharing?

By Sharleen Heng,

Five things to consider when you are creating high-quality, shareable videos with longevity and reusability in mind.

Why are open educational resources missing from the learning and teaching picture?

By Mais Fatayer,

An efficient way to improve knowledge is to open up and share – but what approaches to integrating OERs should we take at UTS?

A shared experience: 3 panels to attend during Open Access Week

By LX Team,

Our guide to the UTS Library's three-day Open Access event.

Bridging the digital divide for our students

By Charlotte Hock,

The LX.lab and IML have started a laptop donation program to provide for students who do not own their own device. Find out more, plus how to donate here.

How can I bring sustainability into my teaching and learning?

By Lucy Blakemore,

There's a lot happening in sustainability – here are some suggested ways you can bring these global issues into your own practice.

External partnerships: foundations for quality WIL practices

By Franziska Trede,

What makes our external partnerships distinctive, and how can we improve? Explore some external perspectives from the recent WIL Symposium.

Check in and challenge misconceptions with Mentimeter

By Terry Brown,

Terry Brown demonstrates why it's not the tool that's important, it's how you apply a student-focused approach to it.

What does authentic assessment mean to you?

By Shakuntla Singh,

Amara Atif and Sylvia Singh discuss authentic assessment, and how to make it meaningful for students.

The future of Learning Design: evolving skills for lifelong learning

By Lucy Blakemore,

Julien Depauw shares some global perspectives on the role of Learning Designers in education and beyond.

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