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Lessons from a U:PASS leader, one year in

By Abbey Warren,

Abbey Warren is a second year Bachelor of Biotechnology and Bachelor of Business student who leads in Cell Biology and Genetics as a U:PASS leader. U:PASS Leaders are high achieving students who facilitate study classes in a range of first and second year subjects. I’ve never been as nervous...

Finding learning technology support at UTS

By Michael Yu-King Chan,

Error? Arghhh!!! It can be frustrating when you’re having problems with your online teaching materials. Perhaps you accidentally changed some settings? Or maybe you’re just finding it a challenge to keep up-to-date with the learning technologies used at UTS like Blackboard, Review or SPARKPlus? Luckily there’s no need to...

A snapshot of the LX Transformation: Gabriela Quintana Vigiola

By Phaedra Carroll,

As the year draws to a close for UTS with the conclusion of Spring session, the LX Transformation process is still in full swing. Postgraduate course teams have been brought together to plan, map and find opportunities to improve the student experience across their course through the Whole of...

Advice from academics going through the LXT Whole of Course process

By Anna Stack,

One of the great things about the UTS Teaching and Learning Forum is hearing from a wide range of people about how they are approaching their teaching and planning across different faculties.  At the session A conversation with the “transformed”: stories from academics going through subject transformation we were...

‘A good ice-breaker’: Benefits of the IF-AT card with Eve Spence

By Adam Morgan,

A few weeks ago I ran a session on collaborative learning techniques as part of the Casual Academic Forum in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.  At the event I was chatting with Eve Spence; another IF-AT user here at UTS.  Eve attended my active and collaborative learning...

Does workload matter? We’ve gotta have it

By David Yeats,

Getting your site ready on Canvas? Wondering what you can write in the “How to be successful in this subject” page? You can Estimate workload for learners and determine how much to assign.

Behind the scenes of the LX Transformation

By LX Transformation,

The LX Transformation is a three-year program with a five-year horizon. In 2020, postgraduate courses will start teaching in Canvas, and undergraduate course teams will start planning their transition. The support provided by the LX.lab will be key to the success of this transformation. The services and resources they offer faculties...

Vanessa Scarf on transforming the Graduate Diploma of Midwifery

By LX Transformation,

“The LX Transformation is not workload. It can be an opportunity to lighten your load through the Whole of Course approach, and you can come out the other end feeling so proud about the course that you are delivering to students” Vanessa Scarf To celebrate the achievements of the...

Going free-range: studio learning from three perspectives

By Ruby Seaward,

Run for the third consecutive summer, Summer Studio is coordinated by FEIT but is open to students across UTS. It’s aim, to create a space for students to work collaboratively in authentic learning experiences. Somewhat unique to the studios is that each year, several of the studios are led...

What’s the place of AI in UTS teaching?

By Simon Buckingham Shum,

Artificial Intelligence is here, and it’s making an impact on student learning. From a tool that analyses students’ academic writing and gives feedback in real-time to a nursing simulation ward with an AI ‘nervous system’ to support post-simulation debrief, Simon Buckingham Shum, Professor of Learning Informatics and leader of...

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