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Zoom Bombing defused: how UTS is closing the door on trolls

By LX Team,

New improvements to help mitigate Zoom Bombing and ensure that hosts have more control over the way meeting participants interact.

Suddenly online: innovation in FEIT

By Alexander White,

Here are some examples of face-to-face based learning designs that presented a challenge to shift online, and the innovative solutions that have been undertaken.

From the frontline: how academics are coping with Covid-19

By Kate Ayrton,

While it may feel as though we’re learning to fly the plane whilst in the air, students are grateful and showing up. And so must we.

The student perspective on Zoom

By Phaedra Carroll,

Zoom is also a new tool for many students – what has been their experience of the format and features?

Learning technology guides for students

By Elizabeth Smith,

We’ve rounded up all the student guides for UTS learning technologies here in one spot.

“An institution of such nobility of heart”: Academic Integrity is the University

By David Yeats,

This fantastic thing is one of the oldest surviving institutions in human history.

What if my Zoom class goes wrong?

By LX Team,

There might be a number of reasons behind a Zoom class not working as expected - here are some quick fixes

The LX.lab is now online and ready to help you

By LX Team,

From Monday 23rd March, the LX.lab will be operating fully online, with all face-to-face consultations replaced by Zoom meetings.

Do I really need to Zoom? 5 questions to ask yourself before teaching with Zoom

By Anna Stack,

Let’s just do what normally happens in class through Zoom, right? Well, not quite. There are a few things you should ask yourself first.

Looking after yourself while working from home

By Alexander White,

Tips, tricks and resources to help you adjust to working from home.

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