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New section naming standard for non-subject sites

By David Yeats,

Targeting your messages to students in large non-subject sites has just got easier...

“When was that happening again?” – communicating weekly expectations clearly to students in Canvas

By Anna Stack,

Help students stay on top of their week-to-week tasks with regular announcements, a clear subject schedule and module overviews.

Mentimeter is here – how can you get started?

By Phoebe Huang,

Infuse interactivity into your classes with Mentimeter – UTS accounts are now available for all staff!

Using rubrics in class to enhance engagement and understanding

By Michaela Zappia,

Mai Hansford and Michaela Zappia take us through their work on rubrics undertaken as part of an FFYE grant project.

Academics demonstrate: the Canvas Accessibility Checker

By Katie Duncan,

Associate Professor Emma Power demonstrates how she uses the Canvas Accessibility Checker to improve content in her subject.

What to do and when in Canvas during Spring session

By Dayang Rajit,

A primer for some of the more common tasks you can do, and when, in Canvas.

6 steps to prepare for your Spring 2021 Canvas launch

By LX Team,

Need to make sure that your Canvas content is ready to go for students? Follow these steps for a smooth launch of your subject in Spring 2021.

Helping your students to look after their mental health

By Ashley Willcox,

When it comes to supporting students who have anxiety, small actions can make a big difference.

How to get help with remote teaching

By LX Team,

The LX.lab are here to help you prepare for remote teaching with digital workshops, online resources and bookable consultations.

Supporting feedback strategies in learning design

By Ariane Wicks,

Five strategies from last month's Learning Design Meet-up explore different ways to create a feedback-rich learning environment.

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