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Taking a fresh look at technology-enabled learning design

By Shaun Bell,

A team of learning designers and subject matter experts tackle digital solutions for the subject 'Practicing Inclusion'.

Wrapping up the year with Postgraduate Learning Design

By Shaun Bell,

Find out what the learning designers in Postgraduate have been working on this year.

Making study at UTS work for your students: tips from graduates

By Shaun Bell,

With tips from recent graduates, we explore how academics can support their students to make the most of their study time.

Reimagining the traditional teaching team to develop online microcredentials

By Shaun Bell,

The vital elements in the collaboration between CAIK and PGLD to bring a new microcredential course to life.

Designing for online teacher presence

By Shaun Bell,

Donna Rooney and the PGLD team transition a blended program to fully online – without sacrificing teacher presence.

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