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Signposting for the bigger picture with cues from a cookbook

By Sebastian Krook,

What can learning designers borrow from Yotam Ottolenghi?

How we codesign online subjects with student workload in mind

By Thea Werkhoven,

The PGLD team discuss how they think through student workload in their learning design.

OPM in motion: it takes a team

By Gregory Martin,

The final post in our 3-part OPM series focuses on the role of collaboration within and outside of UTS in designing its new subjects.

OPM in motion: these subjects aren’t going to teach themselves

By Gregory Martin,

The second part of our 3-part series on the design and development of the Master of Education (Learning and Leadership) course.

OPM in motion: one flow, but not one pace

By Gregory Martin,

Get insight into the process of an OPM course where students have the flexibility to set and check their own pace.

Are you feeling it? Building empathy in co-design

By Christina Brauer,

Emily Oquist explores how we can create strong design relationships that help to produce engaging learning experiences.

Diagnostic Cytogenetics: transforming an on-campus exercise to active online learning

By Anthony Burke,

An exercise in cutting out cutting out chromosomes is given a sustainable makeover in the Articulate Storyline 360 authoring tool.

Designing for mathematics – as easy as Pi

By Juliette Kidston,

Designing and delivering content for equation-heavy subjects presented some unique challenges for the PGLD team.

Real world experience: 3 interns hone their learning design skills with PGLD

By John Vulic,

UTS interns work with the PGLD team to develop interactives, branching scenarios and an analytics dataset.

How tight are your assessment criteria? A learning designer’s approach

By Sebastian Krook,

Improve assessments in your postgraduate subject by keeping the criteria simple and ensuring authenticity.

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