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Designing for mathematics – as easy as Pi

By Juliette Kidston,

Designing and delivering content for equation-heavy subjects presented some unique challenges for the PGLD team.

Real world experience: 3 interns hone their learning design skills with PGLD

By John Vulic,

UTS interns work with the PGLD team to develop interactives, branching scenarios and an analytics dataset.

How tight are your assessment criteria? A learning designer’s approach

By Sebastian Krook,

Improve assessments in your postgraduate subject by keeping the criteria simple and ensuring authenticity.

Repurpose your content: an example from data visualisation

By Emily Oquist,

Reuse of content can save time and energy – discover how FEIT and the PGLD team reworked a Data Visualisation subject for multiple audiences.

On location with the PGLD Media Team

By Peter Richardson,

The PGLD Media Team are making practical demonstrations easier to access through the use of video, with great results.

Spotlight on Science microcredentials

By Ariane Wicks,

A recent collaboration between PGLD and the School of Life Sciences sees four new microcredentials implemented.

Master of High Performance Sport: 4 key elements for successful co-design

By Michelle Hrlec,

This online course from the Faculty of Health is a prime example of successful co-design between a learning design team and academics.

In a nutshell: OPM courses

By LX Team,

A basic guide to Online Program Management and what services and benefits this partnership with UTS provides.

Designing for online teacher presence

By Shaun Bell,

Donna Rooney and the PGLD team transition a blended program to fully online – without sacrificing teacher presence.

Creative Practices and Methods: extending online learning beyond the screen

By Rory Green,

The screen fatigue struggle is real – but online learning doesn't mean always sitting in front a of a computer.

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