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Equipping students with knowledge for the Voice Referendum via video

By Kristy Everett,

The PGLD team and Faculty of Law co-create a video resource to educate students about the importance of referendums in our governmental system.

Crowdsourcing good learning design: a ‘hackathon’ case study

By Sebastian Krook,

How a hackathon approach led to innovation in postgraduate learning design.

OEW Day 5: sustainability resources to reuse, adapt and share

By Jules Kidston,

Take a look at the new sustainability module from PGLD – free to share and adapt!

Creating characters to humanise self-paced short courses

By Amelia Di Paolo,

Meet Talisa and Victor – virtual course mentors who provide relatable situations and support for learners in online courses.

A framework for quality standards in digital design

By Anthony Burke,

Explore the Postgraduate Learning Design Quality Framework and how it can support your own design, evaluation and professional development.

Bite-sized learning for industry at Western Parkland City

By Kat Fardian,

New microcredentials devised by academics, learning designers and industry partners deliver bite-sized learning for learners in specialised, innovative areas.

Wrapping up the year with Postgraduate Learning Design

By Shaun Bell,

Find out what the learning designers in Postgraduate have been working on this year.

But you can’t learn science online…can you?

By Jennifer Ireland,

How PGLD and Science opened up the online space for practical learning.

Upskilling the arts for digital transformation

By Rory Green,

A collaboration between PGLD and FASS offers practical advice for people working in the arts.

Making study at UTS work for your students: tips from the teacher

By Keith Heggart,

Keith Heggart on some of the simple things students can do to boost marks and get more from their studies.

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