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Designing for online teacher presence

By Shaun Bell,

Donna Rooney and the PGLD team transition a blended program to fully online – without sacrificing teacher presence.

Creative Practices and Methods: extending online learning beyond the screen

By Rory Green,

The screen fatigue struggle is real – but online learning doesn't mean always sitting in front a of a computer.

Simulation-based, online learning for speech pathology students

By Kevin Millingham,

Master of Speech Pathology students are immersed in an online SIM experience over five days – read the latest from the PGLD team.

Enterprise learning: the Telstra project

By Sebastian Krook,

FEIT and the PGLD team join forces wth Telstra to deliver three new courses in machine learning and data analytics.

Forecast the future: designing a learning sequence for student prediction

By James Tracy,

We wrap up our postgraduate focus this year with a practical application of the POE learning sequence – where leaners predict, observe and explain.

Get up to speed with short courses: introducing Drivers of Chemical Reactions

By James Tracy,

The first in a series new short courses from the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences aims to make chemistry concepts fun and engaging.

Preparing for postgraduate study Part 2: Addressing the ‘eek’ factor for new students

By Michelle Hrlec,

in the second part of this case study from the Postgraduate Learning Design Team, we shift focus to the modules' learning sequence and strategies.

Creating connection and community with orientation course sites

By Brigette Fyfe,

The Postgraduate Learning Design team preview Canvas sites created for students to engage, connect and build community at start of session.

Preparing for postgraduate study Part 1: Addressing the ‘eek’ factor for new students

By Michelle Hrlec,

A new orientation course developed by Health and the Postgraduate Learning Design Team aims to ease in new postgraduate students.

Set yourself apart with custom Zoom virtual backgrounds

By Anthony Burke,

Need a UTS-branded Zoom background to hide your unmade bed? Or perhaps you want to live your sci-fi fantasy on board the TARDIS?

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