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Make Mentimeter your ‘entry ticket’

By Beate Mueller,

Start your class in a relaxed and engaging way with Mentimeter – Beate Mueller shows us how.

Diagnostic Cytogenetics: transforming an on-campus exercise to active online learning

By Anthony Burke,

An exercise in cutting out cutting out chromosomes is given a sustainable makeover in the Articulate Storyline 360 authoring tool.

Student perspectives on feedback

By Alexander White,

What issues do students often encounter in relation to feedback in learning?

Bring variety to video lectures: a tale of 3 genres

By David Yeats,

Enter a space of learning for the use of designed video – and transform your traditional lectures!

How tight are your assessment criteria? A learning designer’s approach

By Sebastian Krook,

Improve assessments in your postgraduate subject by keeping the criteria simple and ensuring authenticity.

Repurpose your content: an example from data visualisation

By Emily Oquist,

Reuse of content can save time and energy – discover how FEIT and the PGLD team reworked a Data Visualisation subject for multiple audiences.

Student agency and teamwork: 3 insights from TD School

By Giedre Kligyte,

Giedre Kligyte examines the concept of student agency in learning, offering experiences from the UTS Transdiciplinary School.

Face to face – what is it good for?

By Alexander White,

How do we structure our teaching to make the most of limited F2F time?

Supporting student self-regulated learning

By Alexander White,

Get strategies to support student self-assessment and discover our new collection of feedback resources.

Pedagogy put into practice: improve student outcomes with Canvas quizzes

By Richard Ingold,

Want to increase student engagement and grades? Apply theory to practice with this research case study from the University of Auckland.

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