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The inclusion and drawbacks of GenAI in assessment design: shared ideas from DAB and IML

By Cameron Hart,

Case studies from DAB and support strategies from IML were presented at a workshop exploring the application of AI in assessments.

Introducing 10 FFYE grants for 2023

By Kathy Egea,

Explore an exciting series of projects that make up this year's round of FFYE grants.

A breath of fresh AiR

By David Yeats,

Our Academic in Residence program returns with a focus on digital accessibility – find out more about the process and outcomes.

Making coding creative

By Andrew Stapleton,

Andrew Stapleton cracks the code for making his least loved subject more engaging for Communications students.

Generative AI: what does it mean for WIL assessments?

By Franziska Trede,

How can the AI disruption influence more authentic WIL assessments? And what is ChatGPT's suggestion for an AI-proof assessment task?

Creating characters to humanise self-paced short courses

By Amelia Di Paolo,

Meet Talisa and Victor – virtual course mentors who provide relatable situations and support for learners in online courses.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Monitoring and Evaluation

By Kathy Egea,

In the last part of this series, discover strategies to identify and assist students at risk and reflect on how to improve classroom practice.

First-year transition: following the 6 first-year curriculum principles

By Kathy Egea,

Kathy Egea and Jacqueline Melvold introduce the six principles of first-year transition, adapted from their upcoming MOOC module.

Enrol now for Student Agency and Teamwork

By Dimity Wehr,

This subject will help you create teamwork activities and assessments that are inclusive, purposeful and exploratory.

Watch Party: a way to boost student engagement of your video lectures

By Andrew Francois,

Orchestrate an active learning experience with students using your own pre-recorded lecture presentation.

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