Student Agency and Teamwork is a blended mode elective subject of the revised Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (GCHETL). This collaborative, six-week subject will enable you to engage with theories and strategies to help you create teamwork activities and assessments that are inclusive, purposeful and exploratory. 

This subject focuses on theoretical and practical concepts of active and collaborative participation of students in teamwork comprising the following key topics: 

  • the distinctiveness of agency and teamwork  
  • the many different purposes of student agency and teamwork 
  • the facilitation and management of teamwork 
  • the shifting roles of students and teachers  
  • the inclusive, agentic learning environments that help establish a sense of shared responsibility for learning 
  • Assessment challenges of learning in teams 

The subject runs from 5 September to 14 October, and includes:

  • Two zoom sessions (5/9: 10.30am-12pm; 23/9: 9.30am-1pm) where you will be invited to work in teams with your peers and facilitators in a collaborative online space 
  • Two assessments
  • Approx. 10 hours of study hours per week

UTS Staff who are teaching this Spring term are warmly welcome to enrol if they fulfil the conditions of enrolment (see handbook entry). Note that this is a practical subject, and you will be both encouraged and expected to work with and support others as a team.    

If you have missed enrolment to the GCHETL this Spring 2022, you can still enrol in a single subject (core or elective) such as Teamwork and Student Agency as a non-award subject. If you’d like to continue your studies in the GCHETL, you can enrol in the next intake (Autumn 2023) and apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL).  

The latest FFYE forum, also run by IML, is on the theme of facilitating teamwork, and the LX site’s Group work and student collaboration collection had recently been updated with resources to form and monitor groups for effective teamwork. Last year, the TACT team ran events on this theme as one of their hot topics, with the teamwork findings summarised here.

Enrol by 28 August

This course is free to UTS staff and HDR students teaching into subjects. Submit your application via the UTS Student Portal using a non-UTS email address – you’ll be issued a UTS student address while studying. The closing date is 28 August.

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