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Learning about group work

By Andrew Francois,

It is a shared responsibility for both teachers and learners to make group work effective. Group work skills should not be assumed and need to be taught if students are to be work ready. Being an effective team member and collaborator is an important professional and personal attribute.

The power of the IF-AT ‘scratch card’

By Adam Morgan,

A look back on a fantastic little tool that helps students engage and get immediate feedback.

Dr James Wakefield on innovation and student engagement

By Rhiannon Hall,

Dr James Wakefield was the recipient of a 2018 Universities Australia Citation for his contributions to student learning. Here he tells us about the work he has now been nationally recognised for, and the current landscape for learning and teaching.

A simple way to start building a supportive learning environment

By Adam Morgan,

Want to build a supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable to participate? Try my ‘getting to know you’ survey as a starting point.

Getting started with teaching for Autumn session

By Futures Team,

We’re almost back in session, and that means the flurry of activities to get subjects up and running for new and returning students has begun. If you’re wondering where to start, check out these tips from our Learning Design and Technology Specialists.

Message in a bottle from the 2018 Ascilite Conference

By Rhiannon Hall,

The theme for the 2018 Ascilite conference was Open Oceans: Learning without Borders. Come and take a dive with us into some of the discussion points that emerged from this year’s event.

A brief guide to learning and teaching support at UTS

By Futures Team,

New to teaching at UTS? Or maybe you're just looking for some inspiration? Here are some of the services available to all teaching staff.

Education, Democracy and the Future of Work: read Professor Carl Rhodes’ keynote

By Futures Team,

A thoughtful and incisive perspective on the role of the University in shaping our future. Take a look at the keynote from this year's Learning and Teaching Showcase.

5 reasons to rethink the purpose of exams and to re-evaluate our approach

By Yasemin Tekmen Araci,

We have been educators for years. But have we ever thought about why we are having exams in our classes? What’s in it for the students? Are exams really necessary? We need to rethink the purpose of exams and to re-evaluate our approach as educators.

Sustainability as living curriculum

By Melissa Edwards,

There's more than one way to conceptualise sustainability.

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