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Increasing student engagement: Advice from Joseph Yeo

By Richard Ingold,

How can course content be framed and delivered to maximise student engagement and learning?

Zooming in – academics’ experiences of remote teaching via Zoom

By Richard Ingold,

We asked three academics to tell us about their experiences using Zoom to run online tutorials.

6 tips for controlling student behaviour in your Zoom class: New settings update

By Richard Ingold,

Read our top tips for managing a Zoom class and ensuring that participants behave in a respectful way.

Chinese learners’ experiences of Western online education

By Richard Ingold,

How do we ensure that students accessing online materials can still have a fulfilling learning experience?

Book review: Understanding how we learn

By Richard Ingold,

Learning and research. The raison d’être of universities. But what does research tell us about the process of learning? Cognitive scientists, Yana Weinstein and Megan Sumeracki, have made it their goal to not only research learning, but to answer and disseminate research findings to teachers, students and the general...

Ensuring assessment integrity: Advice from Joseph Yeo

By Richard Ingold,

What can be done to reduce academic dishonesty? How can assessments be structured to scaffold students’ learning and to maintain assessment integrity? Joseph Yeo from the Academic Language and Learning team gives some recommendations.

Getting students to do pre-class activities: Advice from Joseph Yeo

By Richard Ingold,

One of lecturers’ and tutors’ common complaints is that many students don’t prepare for classes. But is it always their fault? And is it purely due to a lack of interest or motivation? Joseph Yeo answers these questions with a definitive “No”.

Making your Canvas site clear to all students: 4 tips from our new guide

By Richard Ingold,

When students come to university, they don’t just learn new knowledge and skills. They also learn a new language to describe and explain what they are learning about. And this doesn’t just apply to international students – all students must learn a new way of using English within their...

Stepping into the LXT process: a chat with Dr Moira Scerri

By Richard Ingold,

How can we ensure a logical path through a course made up of many subjects? How can we cultivate cumulative building of knowledge and skills as students move through a course? Dr Moira Scerri answers these questions and gives her thoughts on the move to Canvas.

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