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Prioritising presence: equity and experience in mixed-mode learning

By David Yeats,

"Check yourself before you EdTech yourself” with the last of our four blogs on mixed-mode delivery for 2020.

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Building connection and belonging in the tutorial classroom

By Katherine Newton,

How do you create a sense of belonging for students? Katherine Newton offers tips for building connection into remote and on-campus classes.

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Help your students settle into Canvas with a welcome announcement

By Phaedra Carroll,

One easy way to introduce your students to Canvas, while creating a sense of community and belonging at the same time.

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Creating community and connection for students affected by the travel restrictions

By LX Team,

Although students may be unable to travel to Australia to participate in on-campus classes, they can still be made to feel like valued members of the UTS community.

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Connecting with your students

By Adam Morgan,

That ‘Getting to Know You’ survey just keeps on delivering. It’s now worked for Jackie Jones, who shares her insights with us.

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A simple way to start building a supportive learning environment

By Adam Morgan,

Want to build a supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable to participate? Try my ‘getting to know you’ survey as a starting point.

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Build a sense of belonging and help students feel at home in your subject

By Rhiannon Hall,

There are many moving parts to student engagement, but an important one to remember is developing a sense of belonging for your students. Here are four resources to get started.

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How to help students feel like they belong at UTS

By Janette McLean,

Small things make a big difference to building student engagement and belonging. Read on to find out what research has revealed about helping students to feel welcome in the first classes of the session.

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8 more ideas for making students feel at home

By Lucy Arthur,

Here are some more of our top ideas for creating a sense of belonging for students - in class on online.

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