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Can social engineering help students stay connected?

By James Wakefield,

Simone Faulkner and James Wakefield share how designing 'connection' into induction sessions has positive impacts on belonging in Business.

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Keeping the beat: notes from a learning design jazz orchestra ensemble

By Andrew Stapleton,

Join Soli Le-Masurier and Andrew Stapleton on a musically-inspired journey to re-design a jazzy duet of subjects!

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Nervous, excited, scared? Welcoming the world back into your classroom

By Lucy Blakemore,

Put yourself in the shoes of new and returning students as the new academic year kicks off.

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What’s love got to do with it? Belonging at the FFYE Forum

By Chris Girdler,

Care, concern and kindness are key to creating a positive student experience at UTS, as we discovered at the latest FFYE forum.

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Promoting collaboration, interaction and engagement in the Architecture Design Studio

By Jessica Freeman,

Jessica Freeman implements three simple strategies that support students to feel safe and confident to engage in class.

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Accidental connection in UTS Study Groups

By Alycia Bailey,

A new program at UTS helps students to forge important connections.

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Building belonging in 2022

By Alisa Percy,

A new infographic points to key principles and practices to build belonging into your teaching.

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Professor Tracy Levett-Jones on belonging and WIL in nursing

By Rhiannon Hall,

Professor Tracy Levett-Jones takes us through how work-integrated learning happens in nursing, ahead of her presentation at the FFYE Forum.

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Belonging at UTS: supporting Indigenous students in Business

By David Waller,

Find out how building a sense of belonging addressed the challenges and benefits of a Business course designed for Indigenous Australian professionals.

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Belonging at UTS: partnering with students to build a sense of belonging

By Alycia Bailey,

Building a sense of belonging was the key to a student services portal prototype, created by the winning group of students at last year's Student Forum.

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