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8 strategies for remote learning in laboratories and studios

By Dimity Wehr,

How do you engage students in real-world authentic laboratories when they are forced to remain at home?

Student agency and teamwork: at the movies (with popcorn)

By Dimity Wehr,

Film can offer a safe way for students to critique teamwork and to stimulate reflection, empathy and team agency.

Student agency and teamwork: role play and rehearsal in the theatre of dreams

By Dimity Wehr,

Lift the curtain on a hybrid event where staff and students used role play and discussion to turn teamwork nightmares into teamwork dreams.

Why all the buzz about rubrics?

By Dimity Wehr,

What does it take to write a good rubric? Here's what you should know...

Authentic, practical alternatives to face-to-face presentations

By Dimity Wehr,

Five academics share how they made remote oral assessments work in their subjects.

FFYE Forum recap: using learning-focused feedback practices

By Dimity Wehr,

The recent First and Further Year Experience Forum demonstrated the importance of good feedback practices for productive partnerships with students.

Keeping it real – group work in the remote learning environment

By Dimity Wehr,

Want to create an inviting environment for learning in group work? We recommend keeping it real, social and simple!

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