At this year’s WIL Symposium we are spotlighting the ‘I’ in WIL. The ‘I’ stands for Integration – representing not just the integration of theory and practice, but also the extension beyond the self towards others, groups and communities within and outside UTS. How do we integrate learning, practices, experiences and assessments to ensure a successful outcome for all stakeholders? 

In 2021, the WIL Symposium offered an opportunity to explore what makes UTS external partnerships distinctive and share the newly developed WIL framework. This year, we will be continuing and expanding the conversation to our partners in industry and the professions, and include students, using an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty lens. Focus questions will be:  

  • What are the possibilities for cross-faculty, interdisciplinary WIL experiences?  
  • How might we privilege social justice education, sustainability, Indigenous engagement and inclusive practices through WIL?  
  • What are the benefits of partnering with students and external partners? 

Vice-Chancellor Andrew Parfitt will open the event, focussing on the possibilities around creating innovative WIL models. There will also be an interactive panel with external and industry partners, and a student panel. We recognise that the partnerships we have externally and with students are integral in this space and invite participants to engage in a Q&A with them. 

The afternoon session will be collaborative and engaging with showcases followed by a WIL game to encourage capability building, connections, and most of all, fun!

Save the date: 30 September

We invite you to save the date of Friday 30 September 10 am – 4 pm and register for the session on our Events page.

Work Integrated Learning Symposium: Spotlighting the ‘I’ in WIL | 30 September

To brush up on all things WIL or to revisit last year’s symposium please visit the WIL Hub on SharePoint, and join the conversation on the TEAMS site of the Professional Education and Practice Network (PEPN)  For further information contact 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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