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6 principles of first-year curriculum: Monitoring and Evaluation

By Kathy Egea,

In the last part of this series, discover strategies to identify and assist students at risk and reflect on how to improve classroom practice.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Assessment

By Kathy Egea,

Assessment is both important for determining student understanding of subject content, and as an opportunity to provide feedback.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Engagement

By Kathy Egea,

The fourth principle in this series links successful transition with students' connection to content, peers, academics, and the wider university.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Design

By Kathy Egea,

Design underpins all of the first-year curriculum principles, scaffolding learning for student success.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Diversity

By Kathy Egea,

Diversity recognises that students come from varied backgrounds and experiences – discover some activities to get to know your diverse students better.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Transition

By Kathy Egea,

Transition focusses on supporting students to build on past educational experiences and become independent, lifelong learners.

First-year transition: following the 6 first-year curriculum principles

By Kathy Egea,

Kathy Egea and Jacqueline Melvold introduce the six principles of first-year transition, adapted from their upcoming MOOC module.

From the FFYE Forum: Doing Feedback – making it count

By Kathy Egea,

A packed FFYE Forum considered some big ideas in feedback and assessment, with students and staff sharing experience and practice.

2019 First and Further Year Experience Grants

By Kathy Egea,

Are you a subject coordinator keen to support student transition into or through the curriculum or prepare them for transition to future learning and careers? Please read on...

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