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Focus on assessments: what is the best assessment type for my subject?

By Aurora Murphy,

In the first of a new series on assessments, we help you select an assessment type to drive your curriculum and student engagement.

Find your strategy for 2021

By Lissy Hartmann,

Has 2020 has thrown you off the tracks? Lissy Hartmann shares some tips how you can implement strategic thinking on an everyday basis.

Watch: using scenario-based videos and the Canvas rich content editor at the 6th UTS Video Meet-Up

By Matthew Vella,

Videos and resources galore to catch you up on what was presented by Andrew Francois and Deborah Fox at this year's last video meet-up.

Forecast the future: designing a learning sequence for student prediction

By James Tracy,

We wrap up our postgraduate focus this year with a practical application of the POE learning sequence – where leaners predict, observe and explain.

Subject to change: connecting a subject to its course

By Anna Stack,

Anna Stack reflects upon the value of considering the student experience across subjects in a course.

Building connection and belonging in the tutorial classroom

By Katherine Newton,

How do you create a sense of belonging for students? Katherine Newton offers tips for building connection into remote and on-campus classes.

From enhancement to transformation: a practical application of the SAMR model

By Suman Laudari,

Four scenarios show how the SAMR model can be applied to enhance and transform learning and teaching practice in the LMS.

Peer feedback for learning

By Alexander White,

Peer-to-peer feedback can have a positive impact on student learning – Alex White examines the benefits and considerations for learning design.

3 Challenges and 4 solutions for online learning

By Georgina Barratt-See,

Georgina Barratt-See reveals solutions to the challenges that the U:PASS team faced in an online learning environment.

Better together: Mentoring and peer-to-peer learning in the move to new technologies

By Shakuntla Singh,

Reflections on how FEIT and Law used shared learning and collaboration to move ahead with the challenges of LX Transformation and remote teaching.

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