Mentimeter is a browser-based presentation tool for interactive online polls that has gained in popularity at UTS in recent years. Participants can anonymously provide feedback or answers directly from their own laptops and mobile devices. Polling results can be visualised in real-time on a projector screen, which helps create an engaging class experience. In addition to all of the fun things you can currently do in Mentimeter, a new feature offers up opportunities for even richer engagement with your students both in class and online.

Animated illustration of a person voting with Mentimeter on their mobile phone.

A more mobile Mentimeter

Mentimote is a ‘remote control’ for your live Mentimeter presentations. It’s a feature that is built into the main Mentimeter web application. It acts as a convenient control panel with access to Mentimeter presentation features.

What makes this nifty is that Mentimote gives you freedom to move around a room. You can walk away from the lectern or your computer and still be in control of the presentation. This is a great way to be part of the fun and engage with students or colleagues.

Mentimote is also handy if you are running a Mentimeter poll remotely over a Zoom or Teams meeting. The remote feature enables you or your co-host to manage the action in a window separate to what you are screen sharing.

Further functionality

Mentimote allows you to do most of the things available to you in the standard presentation view, but from your mobile device or on a separate screen. A lot of functionality is packed into a single, simple interface. Using Mentimote, you can:

  • Read your presenter notes (like palm cards on your phone)
  • Moderate the Q&A (filter incoming text responses)
  • Run a presentation timer to stay on track
  • Set a countdown timer on voting slides (10, 30, 60 sec)
  • Access voting controls (show results, close voting)
  • Step through bullet points (like in Powerpoint)
  • Show/hide the session joining code and instructions
  • See previews of which slide comes next
  • ‘Blank’ or hide the presentation display (refocus attention in the room)
  • Turn on/off commenting and questions from the audience
  • Change the visual layout of polling results
  • Access polling history and trends (if present)

Two handy ways to utilise Mentimote

1. The 2-screen set-up

A common Mentimeter presentation scenario involves a dual-screen set up at a lectern, or over Zoom or MS Teams. In these contexts:

  1. Start your Mentimeter presentation
  2. Launch Mentimote in a new browser tab
  3. Move (or ‘tear’ off) the Mentimote browser tab over to your second private screen

2. Roaming the room

If you like to move about the room and mingle, using Mentimote on a mobile device gives that freedom.

  1. Start your Mentimeter presentation on your main computer
  2. Log into Mentimeter on your portable device using the same UTS account at
  3. Navigate to the same presentation and open the options menu (via the three dots)
  4. Select ‘Open Mentimote’ to load the remote control for your currently running presentation

Need more help?

Visit Mentimeter’s instructional page on using Mentimote.

Learn more about Mentimeter with our UTS-specific resource collection, then get in touch with the LX.lab if you require further assistance. We are also running two Mentimeter workshops on 14 February:

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