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Mentimote: your remote control for Mentimeter

By Andrew Francois,

Be liberated from your lectern with a new Mentimeter function that allows you to control your presentation from any corner of the room.

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Check in and challenge misconceptions with Mentimeter

By Terry Brown,

Terry Brown demonstrates why it's not the tool that's important, it's how you apply a student-focused approach to it.

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Make Mentimeter your ‘entry ticket’

By Beate Mueller,

Start your class in a relaxed and engaging way with Mentimeter – Beate Mueller shows us how.

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Making the most of Mentimeter

By Michaela Zappia,

Michaela Zappia talks us through how Mentimeter has been used in her class.

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12 tips to make your Mentimeter presentation accessible to all students

By Ashley Willcox,

Is your Mentimeter presentation accessible? Ashley Willcox has some top tips for ensuring all students can have the best Mentimeter experience.

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Mentimeter is here – how can you get started?

By Phoebe Huang,

Infuse interactivity into your classes with Mentimeter – UTS accounts are now available for all staff!

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Meet Mentimeter – UTS’s new polling tool is coming soon!

By Lx Team,

Break the silence barrier with a social polling tool that's new to UTS in July.

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