The LX.lab team is here to help you sprinkle a spoonful of engagement and interactivity into your classes just in time for the Spring session. 

The results are in

Thank you to everyone that participated in the survey from our previous Mentimeter blog post. It was great to see that you are just as excited as we are to welcome Mentimeter to our learning technologies ecosystem.

It was interesting to see that, although the majority of UTS staff surveyed were familiar with Mentimeter, there were a large portion that had not used it before. To make Mentimeter accessible for everyone, we have tailored our resources and workshop program to make the first step as easy and effortless as possible. 

In the coming weeks, as we up-skill together, we’ll reach out to our academic colleagues and organise a showcase to get you inspired. We’re hard at work putting together a showcase for September, to inspire and help create more exciting activities with Mentimeter. 

An important first step

We want to ensure that you and your audience are aware of your rights, responsibilities and behavioural expectations in relation to the use of Mentimeter under the UTS enterprise license. Be sure to read the Terms of use and Privacy notice to ensure that you are using Mentimeter appropriately. It is also important to keep your audience informed of these guidelines.

Log in – and learn with our new resources

Visit to create and log into your Mentimeter account with your UTS staff credentials and start exploring all the wonderful pro features available to you. If you are not sure how to log in or use Mentimeter, take a look at our Engaging your audience with Mentimeter polls resource collection.


Now that you’ve seen the interface, check out the workshops that we’ve got to help you get started:

Tuesday 3rd August
Tooltime: Introducing Mentimeter 
Thursday 5th AugustTooltime: Introducing Mentimeter
Tuesday 10th August
Create engaging and interactive presentations with Mentimeter 
Thursday 19th AugustCreate engaging and interactive presentations with Mentimeter


With Mentimeter joining the UTS learning technologies ecosystem, the LX.lab team will be able to support you with all your learning and teaching needs. Chat to the LX support team and learn about how you can use Mentimeter in your classes for engagement and interactivity.

Ways you can get in touch:

  • Log a ticket via our LX.lab support form on ServiceConnect:
  • Talk to us on live chat on between 10am – 4pm on weekdays. We will also be offering limited time weekend support for the next three weekends.

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