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How many polls could a poll-er poll if a poll-er could poll polls?

By Anna Stack,

Using a polling tool to poll the best polling tool for you! Answer our survey and tell us how you use polling tools.

Futures blog

3 easy polling tools – compared

By Wenes Gunawan,

If you’ve used mQlicker for in-class polling, you might have heard the sad news that the product will come to an end on 30 July. But never fear: we’ve compared 3 easy-to-use, free alternatives.

Futures blog

Lively up your lecture: polling tools

By Lucy Arthur,

There are two types of people in the world: those who watch cricket, and those who start nodding off at just the mention of it. No matter which category you’re in, you will no doubt see the rationale behind the TV networks’ use of live polling to keep their...

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