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Embedding the Indigenous Graduate Attribute: Genetic Counselling

By Alison McEwen,

New and adapted IGAs were embedded into Genetic Counselling with support from the Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team.

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Professional development to inform Indigenous cultural safety in the classroom

By Annette Gainsford,

Danielle Manton and Fiona Murray facilitate full-day workshops on Indigenous Cultural Capacity and Developing Safe Indigenous Teaching & Learning Practices.

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Embedding the Indigenous Graduate Attribute: International Studies

By Alice Loda,

Alice Loda shares her experience embedding IGA into the Bachelor of International Studies.

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Support to embed the Indigenous Graduate Attributes across UTS courses

By Annette Gainsford,

Discover a new website dedicated to Indigenous Graduate Attributes and register for a series of professional development workshops.

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Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference: Day 2

By Chris Girdler,

Student voices, animal perspectives, identity in Law and storytelling as dance were all part of the second day of this inspirational conference.

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Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference: Day 1

By Lucy Blakemore,

Explore themes on cultural safety, challenging systems and re-engaging communities from Day 1 of the Indigenous HE Curriculum Conference.

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What’s happening at the Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference?

By LX Team,

A preview of national and international guest speakers, topics and sessions at the upcoming Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference.

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Learning from Indigenous knowledge on the Great Western Semi-arid Ecology field trip

By Rhiannon Hall,

The Semi-arid Ecology field trip is a rare opportunity for students to learn Indigenous science and history on-country, from those who know it best. Dr Andy Leigh talks to us about the trip, and the importance of Indigenous scientific knowledge.

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“Our work is to Indigenise the academy”: Professor Susan Page chats to us about CAIK’s award winning work

By Allison Glavin,

UTS academics in the Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges (CAIK) have been recognised for their work with the prestigious Neville Bonner Award. Professor Susan Page talked to us about the team's work and the process behind the Indigenous Graduate Attribute.

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Designing a student showcase with Sydney Living Museums

By Sarah Jones,

Sarah Jane Jones takes us through the process of a successful collaboration and student showcase between Visual Communications and Sydney Living Museums, and putting the Indigenous Graduate Attribute into practice.

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