Last year, the Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team delivered monthly Indigenous Graduate Attribute (IGA) workshops and follow-up professional development workshops, as supported by the established IGA Website.

The monthly IGA workshops help contextualise your understanding of the professional capability focus of the IGA and the IGA Curriculum Framework, which is the standardised framework for faculties to embed the IGA in onshore UTS Award courses.

If you have attended one of the monthly workshops, we recommend booking in for one (or both) of the professional development workshops offered throughout 2024. These on-campus workshops will provide a safe space for academics and professional staff to share their successes and challenges relating to IGA curriculum design, development and delivery. 


  • Tuesday 13 February
  • Tuesday 14 May
  • Tuesday 13 August
  • Tuesday 10 December

Times & overview

11am-1pm: Indigenous Cultural Capability Professional Development

This workshop will provide academics with the knowledge and background to increase their cultural capability and capacity to teach the ‘Knowledge’ component of the UTS IGA Curriculum Framework. The workshop will cover Indigenous content and provide resources for the purpose of developing Indigenous teaching and learning modules and provide classroom activities to assist with delivery of IGA content.

  • Module 1: The impact of colonisation and dispossession on Indigenous peoples
  • Module 2: Contemporary socio-economic legacies experienced by Indigenous peoples
  • Module 3: Diversity of Indigenous peoples and knowledges in Australia
  • Module 4: Indigenous Self-determination

Register for: Indigenous Cultural Capability Professional Development

2-4pm: Developing Culturally Safe Indigenous Teaching and Learning Practices

This workshop will provide strategies for developing culturally safe Indigenous teaching and learning practices through implementing specific strategies into curriculum design, development and delivery.  

The workshop will cover the following strategies:

  1. Communicating positively including appropriate terminology
  2. Use of ‘Disclaimers’ to identify sensitive content
  3. Classroom practice including establishing classroom expectations
  4. Indigenous teaching and learning resources (written and visual)
  5. Recognising the diversity of Indigenous peoples and culture
  6. Deficit discourse
  7. Protection of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP)  
  8. The role of critical reflexivity in the classroom and assessment

Register for: Developing Culturally Safe Indigenous Teaching and Learning Practices Professional Development 

Lunch is provided in between the two workshops (1-2pm).

If you have any further enquiries, please contact the Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team at The Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team look forward to working with you and providing any support you may need relating to the IGA process.

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