At the end of last year, UTS hosted the Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference, which brought together many perspectives and ideas about integrating Indigenous Graduate Attributes (IGA) into the curriculum – read our wrap-ups of Days 1 & 2. Shortly after the conference, an IGA website was launched by the Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team.

The Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team are:

  • Annette Gainsford, Associate Dean Indigenous Teaching and Learning
  • Katherine Attree, Senior Lecturer Curriculum Design (Business, DAB, TD School)
  • Dr Greg Auhl, Associate Professor Curriculum Design (Science, FEIT)
  • Sally McCarthy, Senior Lecturer Curriculum Design (FASS, Law)
  • Danielle Manton, Senior Lecturer Curriculum Design (Health)
  • Fiona Murray, Lecturer Curriculum Design (Professional Development)

Visit the IGA Sharepoint website

The IGA Website (UTS log-in required) was developed throughout 2022 and has a wealth of resources, guidelines and case studies on Indigenous Graduate Attributes.

The IGA Curriculum Framework

The IGA Curriculum Framework provides an approach for faculties to embed Indigenous curriculum content across core subjects in an undergraduate course. The pattern of inclusion aligns with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which also informs the UTS course accreditation process. The IGA Curriculum Framework provides recommended curriculum content across the criteria levels of:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Application

The IGA Implementation Plan

The IGA Implementation Plan must be completed by the faculty while developing and reviewing courses. The document will form part of the submission considered by the Courses Accreditation Committee before making a recommendation to Academic Board to approve course accreditation for the new or existing course(s). 

Register for an IGA workshop

Getting started

​​​​​​​You will be supporting in the development of your implementation plan in the IGA workshops. These workshops will also provide support and assistance to course teams to embed the IGA across course curriculum, and are an essential starting point to getting across what you’ll need to know to achieve this successfully. They are held on the first Wednesday of each month – book your session here.

Professional Development

In addition to the site resources and IGA workshops, the Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team are also facilitating professional development in 2023. These workshops will provide a safe space for academics to share their successes and challenges relating to IGA curriculum design, development and delivery. They will be run across 3 dates:

  • 16 May
  • 8 August
  • 12 December

They will provide (including lunch):

  • 11am-1pm – Indigenous content and resources for the purpose of developing Indigenous teaching and learning modules by focusing on the ‘Knowledge’ component of the IGA Curriculum Framework
  • 2-4pm – Strategies for developing culturally safe Indigenous teaching and learning practices through implementing strategies across curriculum design, development and delivery

Book for either/both of these sessions here on your preferred date here:

You are also invited to join the Indigenous Curriculum Community of Practice by expressing your interest on this Google Form.

If you have any further questions or enquires, contact the Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team at We look forward to supporting faculties progress the IGA across UTS courses with you throughout the year.

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