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Write the Docs: 6 takeaways from a technical writing conference

By Chris Girdler,

The LX Content Team report back on a conference featuring a variety of presentations and panels from documentarians and technical writers.

Connecting across communities: Learning Design Meetup 2023 in review

By Jenny Wallace,

Re-visit 4 fabulous learning design events with presenters and panels on pace, time, learning analytics, and pathways to leadership.

Join the Autumn 2024 Casual Academic Program

By Olivia Rajit,

Eligible UTS staff can express their interest for up to two workshops in the Autumn 2024 Casual Academic Program.

Fit for purpose: the Genetic Counselling bootcamp

By Alison McEwen,

Learning Genetic Counselling skills in a fast-paced, interactive environment? No sweat!

CareerGPT: creating GenAI resources for job-seeking and the workplace

By Amelia Bussing,

Students are guided on their use of AI in job searching, recruitment and the career space in a suite of resources from UTS Careers.

Sparking the flames of openness: 3 Open Education sessions from ASCILITE 2023

By Mais Fatayer,

Mais Fatayer uncovers the latest OER developments down under via 3 ASCILITE presentations.

Connections and digital culture at ASCILITE 2023

By Anna Stack,

Anna Stack, Amanda White, Keith Heggart, Amelia Di Paolo and Mais Fatayer share highlights from the ASCILITE conference.

Book in your IGA professional development workshop for 2024

By Annette Gainsford,

Register for a professional development workshop on Indigenous cultural capability and developing culturally space practices.

Share interactive items with H5P’s OER hub

By David Yeats,

Choose to give or take in an evolving new space for interactive open education resources.

Top 23 learning and teaching stories of 2023

By Chris Girdler,

Is the most-viewed blog post written in 2023 about Generative AI? Okay, which one is it then?

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