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From the frontline: how academics are coping with Covid-19

By Kathryn Ayrton,

While it may feel as though we’re learning to fly the plane whilst in the air, students are grateful and showing up. And so must we.

Waraburra Nura – An Oasis of Indigenous Resources

By Kathryn Ayrton,

Amidst all the recent building developments on campus at UTS there remains a hidden gem, unbeknownst to many academics and students, located on level 6 of the UTS Tower. Welcome to the Waraburra Nura garden or ‘Happy Wanderer’s Place’ – an open space created in 2018 for visitors to connect...

Getting to know the learner of the future

By Kathryn Ayrton,

It was a full house at the recent annual Academic Board Forum, where UTS academics and professional staff gathered to share information and contemplate what the learners of the future might look like. As a digital educator myself, and a new member of the rapidly expanding LX.lab, I was...

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