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Zooming in – academics’ experiences of remote teaching via Zoom

By Richard Ingold,

We asked three academics to tell us about their experiences using Zoom to run online tutorials.

Futures blog

Zooming out – exploring the alternatives

By LX Team,

Richard Ingold and Alex White from the LX.lab team discuss alternatives to Zoom for engaging students in a (suddenly) fully online subject.

Futures blog

How to reflect on what we have been doing so far: emergency remote teaching

By Anna Stack,

The shift to remote teaching has been sudden, but amidst the chaos are lessons to be learned and valued for future iterations.

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Do I really need to put my exam online?

By Peter Kandlbinder,

What are the online alternatives to assessing your students in examinations? Follow our interactive guide for the answers!

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Take a deep dive into online teaching

By Susan Cornish,

Explore a new Canvas course from the Postgraduate.futures team that provides advice, guidelines and case studies for those pivoting temporarily to remote teaching.

Futures blog

Do I really need to Zoom? 5 questions to ask yourself before teaching with Zoom

By Anna Stack,

Let’s just do what normally happens in class through Zoom, right? Well, not quite. There are a few things you should ask yourself first.

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