Need to make sure that your Canvas content is ready to go for students? Follow these steps for a smooth launch of your subject in Spring 2021.

Before launch day

1. Check that your subject site is ready for students

You subject site will be available to students on the 26th of July so make you dot the i’s and cross the t’s, and make sure your site is accessible to everyone before then

Brand new Canvas subject site for Spring? Use our new-subject checklist to ensure that your Canvas site is ready for students.

Subject site copied over from a previous session? Use our subject rollover checklist to see what’s copied over and what isn’t.

2. Update your readings with the Library’s Reading Lists tool

The Reading Lists tool from the Library has replaced the eReadings (aka. DRR) and Reserve services. Remember to check that Reading Lists is available to students in your Canvas subject site so that students can access required and recommended readings right from the start of session.

Check out their downloadable guide, Quick start to Reading Lists, or contact the library directly if you’d like to learn more.


Multi-factor authentication

From the 22nd of July, all UTS students will use multi-factor authentication, also known as MFA, to sign into UTS applications, such as Canvas. They will need to set up their MFA, following the steps provided and downloading the ‘Okta’ app on their mobile phone.

On launch day, 26th of July

3. Send a Welcome announcement to your students from Canvas

Your subject site will be automatically published on Monday the 26th of July.

Once your subject site is live, send out your Welcome announcement. This is one of the best ways to connect with students and to help them get ready for the upcoming session. If you’d like to, you can base your message on our welcome announcement template (link downloads a PowerPoint file).

Note that any announcements posted before your subject site is published on the 26th will not be received by students.

4. Know where you and your students can go for Canvas support

Support for your students

Support for you

Week 1 of session

5. Remind students where they can access their learning materials and online Zoom classes and break the ice

Share these speaking points with tutors to use in their first session reminding students where to access their learning materials.

To help you organise your online classes this session, we have some tips to help you keep Zoom links in a consistent space for students.

6. Break the ice and get active online

If you’re looking for quick and easy ideas to help you get your class community building started and to make online learning engaging, we’ve put together a collection of activities for you. Icebreakers, morning tea, reading and note taking—there’s lots to explore and try out.

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