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Belonging at UTS: supporting students with the Embedding English Language framework

By Rosalie Goldsmith,

Academic language and learning support doesn't always reach those who need it most. The EEL framework responds to this issue with a university-wide approach.

What is OPELA? Getting ready for studying at UTS

By Rosalie Goldsmith,

All your questions on this student activity answered (Spoiler: it stands for 'Online Post-Enrolment Language Assessment')

FEIT staff sharing resources on communication skills in the FEIT T&L Hub: what’s that about?

By Rosalie Goldsmith,

Are you a FEIT staff member looking for resources to develop your students’ communication skills – writing, speaking, reading, listening? Don’t have time to trawl the internet and separate the tried and true from the irrelevant and downright odd? Read on…

Demystifying OPELA

By Rosalie Goldsmith,

All faculties are running the OPELA task, but why? What does it do?

Engineering and IT writing without tears

By Rosalie Goldsmith,

This is dreadful! They just can’t write! Cries of anguish echoing down the corridors of engineering & IT faculties around Australia...

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