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Supporting student learning during Ramadan

By Amanda White,

Suggestions from students on how you can support their learning while they are observing Ramadan.

Jump to recipe: using anchor tags and links for clearer navigation in Canvas

By Amanda White,

Are your students getting lost in Canvas? Follow Amanda White's recipe for using anchor tags and links in a table of contents.

Could you be the next Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert at UTS?

By Amanda White,

Find out more about what it takes to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and the benefits you'll get from being involved.

Using Microsoft Stream for video assessments

By Amanda White,

Are your students creating explainer videos that they share amongst themselves? Amanda White looks at one tool for managing hosting and submission.

Remote teaching and student feedback – a request for kindness

By Amanda White,

Amanda White reveals a simple infographic to help guide students in providing constructive feedback.

Students not reading their emails? Try connecting via social media

By Amanda White,

Is anyone out there? Try using social media to communicate with students.

How can chatbots help our students?

By Amanda White,

Chatbots, or conversational agents, are an emerging technology that might be a game-changer for higher education. Read on to find out more about our project to build a chatbot for first-year accounting students.

First Year Experience Forum recap: September 2018

By Amanda White,

Check out these fantastic tools and activities to support learning in large classes.

Is YouTube your perfect match? | Part 1

By Amanda White,

YouTube has captured the hearts of many people around the world, but has it captured yours? Read our YouTube bio and register here for our upcoming event, 'Find your perfect video streaming platform match'.

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