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6 steps to prepare for your Spring 2021 Canvas launch

By LX Team,

Need to make sure that your Canvas content is ready to go for students? Follow these steps for a smooth launch of your subject in Spring 2021.

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Make video assessment clearer for students with downloadable instructions

By Elizabeth Smith,

These easy to use instructions will help your students complete their video assessment smoothly.

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Using the Canvas ’Message students who’ function for personalised feedback

By Amara Atif,

How to easily communicate regular and personalised feedback to students.

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Build or reinvigorate your subject with Canvas templates

By Lucian Sutevski,

Starting from scratch is never easy. Take a shortcut with our collection of Canvas templates or get tips to enhance your existing Canvas course.

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The best of learning and teaching on our expansive campus

By David Yeats,

UTS is more than just a campus. Explore how the challenges of recent times have highlighted our values, and invigorated our learning and teaching.

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Beautiful and accessible equations in Canvas

By Phillip Mills,

Are you using equations in your Canvas subject? Find out how LaTeX and MathJax can help create a formula for success.

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8 quick tips to make the Canvas experience easier for students

By Beate Mueller,

FASS students gave feedback on their Canvas experience in Autumn session – here are some tips and tricks to address the common issues.

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Pedagogy put into practice: improve student outcomes with Canvas quizzes

By Richard Ingold,

Want to increase student engagement and grades? Apply theory to practice with this research case study from the University of Auckland.

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Analyse this: improving student engagement with New Analytics in Canvas

By Amara Atif,

Amara Atif explains how she uses Learning Analytics in Canvas to understand her students’ learning behaviours and enhance the quality of their learning experience.

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New Year, New Rich Content Editor

By Diego Verdier Benia,

From January 14th, we're going live with Canvas's new Rich Content Editor – what's changed and how will it improve your experience?

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