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Beautiful and accessible equations in Canvas

By Phillip Mills,

Are you using equations in your Canvas subject? Find out how LaTeX and MathJax can help create a formula for success.

Talking MS Teams with Dr Jurgen Schulte

By Phillip Mills,

Maybe you're intrigued by Microsoft Teams, but don't know how or when it could help your students. Dr Jurgen Schulte has used Teams successfully in a number of subjects, so I chatted to him about how he got started.

Accessible Learning Week is coming to the LX.lab

By Phillip Mills,

From 4-8 February the LX.lab, Accessibility Service, ITD and Postgraduate.Futures are here to help you make Learning more Accessible.

Write better inline feedback with Acrobat DC

By Phillip Mills,

To write better inline feedback you need the right tool for the job

UTSOnline’s inline feedback tool is changing

By Phillip Mills,

Read on to see if and how your marking may change

Spring clean your Spring 2017 subject sites in UTSOnline!

By Phillip Mills,

Spring 2017 subjects are now available in UTSOnline & REVIEW.

Do you know what they don’t know? Item Analysis could tell you

By Phillip Mills,

Raw marks and descriptive statistics are poor guides to what students do and don’t understand in a quiz. Item analysis helps you dive deeper and discover which questions students struggle with.

Contract cheating and the search for a silver bullet solution

By Phillip Mills,

A recent seminar at UTS revealed that assessment design is part of the solution to contract cheating.

Reduce cheating on online quizzes with randomisation

By Phillip Mills,

It's relatively easy to cheat on online quizzes. Introducing randomisation can make it much harder.

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