As part of our ongoing evolution of the learning and teaching ecosystem at UTS, the Zoom integration in Canvas is getting an upgrade.  

What’s the Zoom integration? 

When scheduling your Zoom sessions and providing links to students, there are a few options available. One option is to create these sessions via the Zoom app or website, then email this to students or post the Zoom link to the subject site. Another option is to use the Zoom integration. 

The Zoom integration allows you to view, set up and manage your UTS Zoom meetings within the Canvas interface. Setting up a Zoom meeting within Canvas has the advantage of automatically creating a subject-specific calendar event for all subject participants. It contains details of the session, including a URL link to access the meeting. 

What’s changing? 

This week, the Zoom integration just got even better with these two ‘view’ features:  

  • New student view – students will now be able to see the ‘Zoom’ option in their navigation bar, where they will be able to see all their active zoom sessions, complete with the links 
  • New academic view – academics will now be able to view their scheduled Zoom sessions for a single subject

What does this mean?  

If you have the Zoom integration for Canvas switched on and schedule your sessions using the Zoom integrations, your students will have all their Zoom links available to them in one place. Students will simply log into Canvas and click on the ‘Zoom’ label on their left-hand navigation bar to find the link to their upcoming session. Student support is available on the UTS Zoom support pages online. 

For academics, this upgrade will see a new filtering system available. Prior to this upgrade, academics would see a full list of all Zoom sessions scheduled via the Zoom integration. Now, you can switch between your subjects to get a clear list of your scheduled Zoom sessions. 

Lastly, a reminder: when using the Zoom integration, your invite to the session will be sent to all students in a subject. You cannot use the Zoom integrations for sections.  

For further assistance, contact the LX.lab, or learn more about this upgrade and other Zoom features in our Using Zoom for Teaching resource collection.

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