New features are regularly being developed for Canvas to improve student and staff experience. One feature currently in development is a redesign of the Discussions experience in Canvas – and you can try it out now. 

This redesign makes some small but notable tweaks to the current Discussions interface. These tweaks make it easier to view, sort and hide replies to lengthy discussion threads. They also introduce new features, such as reply reporting and assigning multiple due dates. 

Here’s a full list of all the new features in the Discussions Redesign. 

Comparison of graphical use interface of classic Discussions and redesigned Discussions in Canvas. Key differences include role labels, more obvious Reply button, and streamlined visual design.
Classic Discussions vs new Discussions in Canvas

There are three features we’re particularly excited about: 

1. Create anonymous discussions 

Sometimes discussions require anonymity. Teachers can now create fully or partially anonymous discussions in Canvas. 

2. Mention other people in your subject 

While some discussions require anonymity, other discussions want to draw attention to themselves! In non-anonymous discussions, you can now mention and tag other people in your subject. 

3. Quote replies 

No more scrolling back and forth to see what people are talking about. Now you can keep better track of the conversation by quoting other replies as part of your discussion reply. 

Test it out at our next Tooltime

The Discussions Redesign is currently available as an optional feature preview to subject coordinators in Canvas. Learn how to turn on Discussions Redesign here, or come along to Tooltime for a hands-on preview of all the new features:

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