At the LX.Lab, we actively listen to and collaborate with subject coordinators to understand their unique requirements within Canvas. A number of gaps and challenges were identified in the existing roles available in the LMS. In response, we developed a new Tutor/Marker role, designed to allow key tasks to be completed in Canvas, while lowering the risk of accidental content deletion or undesirable changes to settings.

Tutor/Marker, Teaching Assistant or Teacher role?

When choosing a role for the staff members involved in your course, please select the role that fulfils the staff members requirements, while reducing unnecessary access as much as possible. The table below outlines the Canvas permissions available to the Tutor/Marker, Teaching Assistant and Teacher roles in a Canvas course site. Here, Tutor/Marker has the lowest permissions and Teacher the highest.

CANVAS PermissionTUTOR/markerteaching assistant teacher
Add, edit, delete course contentNoYesYes
View unpublished contentYesYesYes
Create discussionsYesYesYes
Moderate discussionsYesYesYes
Post discussionsYesYesYes
Add, edit gradesYesYesYes
Select final grade for moderationNoYesYes
Add, edit, delete assignments and quizzesNoYesYes
Add, edit, delete course filesNoYesYes
Add, manage, delete groupsNoYesYes
Create, delete, update pagesNoYesYes
View and link question banksNoYesYes
Add, edit, delete rubricsNoYesYes
Add, remove staff in course siteNoNoYes
View user lists & email addressYesYesYes

Explore our People in Canvas resource to learn more about adding users in Canvas.

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